Kenzie Ruston: Danica Patrick Needs to Succeed So Other Girls Can Succeed

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Photo Credit: Destination Race Day

NASCAR Next Kenzie Ruston and thousands of others were eager to see how Danica Patrick was going to do in Sunday’s Sprint Cup AAA Texas 500 at Texas Motor Speedway.  Beyond Kenzie just being a Danica Patrick fan, she recognizes the impact Danica Patrick’s success has on upcoming women in motorsports.

“Everybody thinks she’s the best female driver out there.  If she doesn’t do good, some people might not give other women a chance, because they might see it as, ‘Well, Danica Patrick is the best one out there, and if she couldn’t do it, no other woman can get it done, ” stated Kenzie Ruston in a recent interview.

Kenzie Ruston is seen by many as the next big female racer in stock car racing.  In June, Kenzie was selected for the NASCAR Next, which is a NASCAR development program.

“Part of our driver services group’s function is to keep an eye out for young talent, nurture that talent and give them opportunities to succeed. So the NASCAR Next program works to find young talent to spotlight and promote NASCAR’s rising stars,” stated Jill Gregory, NASCAR’s vice-president of industry services.

Source: NewsOK