Meet Natalie Hirschfield – Ms. April 2017

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Natalie Hirschfield – Photo Credit: Allison Cipra Photography

Car Chix proudly announces Natalie “Mama Nads” Hirschfield (formerly Sorak until she married Dave — lucky guy) as Ms. April!  Natalie has been a long-time member and supporter of Car Chix, our events and our mission.  In the 2017 Car Chix Calendar, you can find Natalie Hirschfield as the April feature which was sponsored by US41 Motorplex.   She earned her spot in the calendar after competing and finishing in the top 12 of the 2016 Women of Motorsports Contest (Read: Women of Motorsports Contest Review).

“You only live once! Make sure you have no regrets in what you set out to do in the time you have on this earth as tomorrow is not a guarantee.” – Natalie Hirschfield

Natalie is a drag racer from Homewood, Illinois.  She races a 1991 Ford Mustang LX that is powered by a Chevy LS1!  Her husband, Dave, also drag races an 87 Coupe.  The Mustang racin’ duo travel the country together; tearin’ up tracks nationwide.

“Even though I race on the weekends, I still have to take care of the boys – feeding, medicine, etc.,” Natalie laughs.  Which would explain why her nickname is “Mama Nads.”

Natalie Hirschfield-Natalie Sorak-carchix-carchicks-racing-motorsports-automotive-drag racing- women of motorsports- women in motorsports

Natalie Hirschfield

Natalie participates in a couple different race series, including the 6.50 index class at OSCA (Outlaw Street Car Association) and the 10.20 class for the Midwest Index Series.  She often frequents Byron Dragway, Greater Evansville Dragway, Beech Bend Raceway, US41 Motorplex, Osceola and Ohio Valley Dragway.

With the help from Trans Pro Transmissions and Rhyne Competition Engines, Natalie has competed in and won several events – including the Car Chix Ladies Only Drag Race, TWICE!  She has two index wins under her belt and multiple number one qualifier positions.   During the 2016 season, Natalie and Dave were adjusting to have a two-car operation again as Dave had just finished re-building his car after a wreck earlier that year.  When you have 2x the cars, you now have 2x the amount of work for the same amount of people.  New routines are learned and new roles are taken on.  For example, Natalie began solely tuning her own car.

“I hate seeing people wreck, but the feeling I had as I was recording the video of Dave popping a huge wheelie and realizing that he was going to crash was indescribable,” Natalie explained, “I am just glad he walked away from it with only some bumps and bruises. Cars can be replaced, people can’t.”

Amazingly enough, the 2nd time Dave brought his new car out to compete, he ended the evening in the Winner’s Circle.  And although Natalie and Dave had a small learning curve to deal with in 2016, Natalie ended up finishing 4th in points for the OSCA.

“I feel pretty good about my ability to make the right calls on my car,” says Natalie Hirschfield.

Natalie got bit by the car bug at a very young age.  Her father was a gearhead and Natalie spent many nights in the garage just hanging out with Dad.

“Being around my dad as I was growing up is really what started my involvement with motorsports. I loved spending time in the garage with him even if I just sat there and watched,” Natalie said, “That turned into a drive for me to work on my own cars, which then turned into me wanting to race cars.  When I finally got the opportunity to get my own race car, there was no stopping me.”

Natalie Hirschfield has been actively racing since 2008.  However, the passion and desire started long before that.  Her Father began taking her to Illiana Speedway and NHRA Events as a child.  She later developed a friendship with a group of people that loved racing and began spending a lot of time at racing events.  Natalie ended up meeting her now Husband, Dave and his Father and the rest is history.   Dave came from a family of racers — dirt track and drag racing.  It was a match made in heaven.  Natalie and Dave have been racing together ever since. They even had a gorgeous race themed wedding!

Natalie Hirschfield-Natalie Sorak-carchix-carchicks-racing-motorsports-automotive-drag racing- women of motorsports- women in motorsports

Natalie & Dave Wedding

“I love that I have met so many incredible people over the years. I LOVE that I share the same passion of cars with my husband. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in life than him,” Natalie explained,”We may have our 2 minute arguments at the track or in the garage, but having the passion that we both do for this sport really created a bond between us that is like no other.”

You know what they say… those that race together, stay together.

Natalie believes success in motorsports and racing has alot do to with respect.  And when we say respect — respect in all aspects.  Respect for the sport, respect for the cars and respect for the people you meet along the way.

“Respect the sport and respect will be given back to you.  Just because you are a woman doesn’t mean that you can’t do exactly what the men are doing. Don’t ever let a man tell you that you can’t do something just because of your gender,” says Natalie,”I have learned to be respectful to others in this sport and have gotten a crazy amount of respect in return. In turn, I have made life long friends and love my racing family.  Don’t ever give up on something that you put your mind to.”

With Football season out the way (another one of Natalie’s loves) and the race cars locked and loaded; it’s time to go racing!  One of Natalie’s goals for the 2017 season is to secure a points championship.  What would make the icing on the cake is if Dave were to lock in the win in his class as well!

We wish Natalie and Dave the best for this 2017 season!  This unstoppable duo is sure to hurt some feelings this Summer.  The husband and wife team is set to compete in their first race with OSCA at Evansville Raceway in Chandler, Indiana on June 3rd.