Racing Academy for Women Opens in Chennai

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Alisha Abdullah is commonly known to some as the “Ace Race Alisha”. She is India’s very first female national racer and champion. Alisha races bikes and cars, but is mostly a bike racer due to the inspiration from her father. Her father, R.A. Abdullah, is a 7 time national bike champion. Alisha wants to follow in her father’s footsteps and comes closer with every win. She recently won the Toyota Vios Cup, which is a street car race that is held in Thailand. Although racing takes up a lot of her time, Alisha is also a model, an actress, a racer, and spending time opening up a racing academy for women in Chennai.

The Racing Academy for Women in Chennai is going into corporation with Hindustan University. Since the two will be working together, Hindustan University will be the first and only university to offer a degree in Motorsports Engineering. The University will hold a course taught by Alisha herself. Alisha will be teaching women racing procedures and different techniques. The University will be looking for about 100 women within the country to place in their course. Alisha hopes to start to see more female racers.

Article Submitted by Car Chix Contributor: Beba