Q. What is Car Chix?
A. Car Chix is the premier motorsports organization for women.  We advertise and promote women in motorsports and the automotive industry.
Q. How can I get featured on Car Chix?
A. Send us a message on our contact form and a rep will get in touch with you asap.
Q. How can I get a Car Chix Sticker or Car Chix shirt?
A. Visit our the Official Car Chix Online Store.  We have a ton of automotive and motorsports related items available for purchase and also include options for men, women and children.
Q. How long after I make a purchase can I expect my items to arrive?
A. Most orders ship from Car Chix within 2 – 5 business days.  If you ordered a pre-sale item, it takes longer.  Please refer to the item page you order from for shipping details on pre-sale products.
Q.  How can I send you my press release?
A. Send it to us through our Contact Page.  We will respond to confirm receipt and/or to obtain additional information.
Q. How can I be notified of upcoming events and news?
A. Subscribe to our Mailing List.
Q. How can I become an “Official Car Chix Member”?
A. Currently, all “Official Car Chix Members” earn their spots by competing in our Annual Women of Motorsports Contest.  However, we are currently working on a membership program to open up to the public.   To be notified when this program debuts, please join our Mailing List.
Q. How can I get into your annual Car Chix Calendar?
A. All Car Chix Calendar features earn their spots by competing in the Annual Women of Motorsports Contest.
Q. What are your next events?
A. Please see our Event Schedule Page.
Q. Do I have to be a member to race or attend your events?
A. No.  All events are open to the public.
Q. Will you sponsor me?
A. Car Chix is a sponsored organization, so we do not sponsor drivers.  However, we will gladly provide free guidance and resources to you to help you gain sponsorship and exposure.
Q. I want to get into racing/automotive, but I don’t know where to start. What should I do?
A. Check out our FREE Car Chix Mentorship Program where you can connect to other women in the industry.  We all started somewhere at one time.

Have a question not answer here?  Send us a message on our Contact Page

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