Join us in welcoming Amelia Tyree as an Official Car Chix Member!  Amelia Tyree competed and finished in the top 12 of the 2020 Women of Motorsports Contest to earn her spot as Ms. August in the Mike Biele Automotive sponsored month of the 2021 Car Chix Calendar.




PROFESSION: Marketing, Merchandise, Sales, and design for our “Chuck 55” race team. When we are not on the road racing, I am a full-time dog mom, Ast Basketball coach, and Model for “Tabb Models”.

 YOUR VEHICLES (in photo): This is our OG Blower 55! This car means a lot to me , this photo is the first time chuck and I ever met, I was booked for a calendar shoot and after the shoot chuck took me for my first pass down the street and the rest is history. Now I am the one getting to make passes down the street!

 MOTOR/SPECS: 540 Big Block Chevy, Fuel Injected, with a 1471 BDS Blower.


 HOMETOWN: Yukon, Oklahoma

HOMETRACK: Wichita Raceway Park (WRP) in Wichita Falls, TX, and Thundervalley Raceway in Noble Ok

 PERSONAL WEBSITE/FANPAGE: Instagram: amelia_ms.55    Facebook: Chuck55

 CLUBS/AFFLIATIONS/SPONSORS:   VP Racing Fuels, Rossler Transmission, Sonnys Racing Engines, Maxima Racing Oil, Quick Performance, LAM, Pro Torque Converters, Lithium Pro, Total Seal, Gibtec, Eat Sleep Race, Roadrunner Performance, Autolite Sparkplugs, CFM Performance Solutions.

 ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ACHIEVEMENTS:      4 Seasons of STREET OUTLAWS: NPK, MEGA CASH DAYS, JJS Fastest in America, STREET OUTLAWS: Farmtruck and Azn Daily Driver Race

 SEASON HIGHLIGHTS: STREET OUTLAWS: Farmtruck and Azn Daily Driver TOP 5, STREET OUTLAWS: NPK Daily Driver overall Champ, and I also made my first 5.40 pass in our Flatliner Camaro!

 FAVORITE QUOTE/SAYING:   Dear haters, I have so much more for you to be mad at. Just be Patient.

 HOW DID YOU GET INVOLVED WITH AUTOMOBILES/MOTORSPORTS: about 5 years ago, I got booked for a calendar shoot, and I walked in, met chuck and the rest is history.

 HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN INVOLVED WITH AUTOMOBILES/MOTORSPORTS: Growing up my focus was getting an athletic scholarship to play college basketball, because I knew that was my only way to get to go to college, my family didn’t have the means to pay for my education. So, I was not raised around cars or the track I was raised in a small town called Vici Oklahoma, class of 24, FFA, horses, goats and sports. So, I was introduced to the racing world 5 years ago by chuck, and since that day 5 years ago, I have learned as much as I could. We now travel across the United States racing track to track or street, that is our life!

 WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT AUTOMOBILES/MOTORSPORTS:  I love how all ages can participate, you have the young ones in there power cars, and you can turn around and see a 80 year old about to drag someone down the track!

 WHAT IS YOUR BEST CAR/RACING/MOTORSPORTS RELATED MEMORY: This was an easy one for me, it was when I made my first 5.40 pass, I had 2 pillows behind me so I could push the pedal to the floor, chuck forgot to tell me to lay my head back against the seat on takeoff so I wouldn’t snap my neck, I let go of the trans break and had to pedal it so I didn’t think I made a good pass . When I got back to the pits, Fred and Chuck was in tears they were so happy for me they told me I ran a 5.40, I was screaming and hyped up on adrenaline. If I could relive that day every day I would in a heartbeat.

 WHAT IS YOUR WORST CAR/RACING/MOTORSPORTS RELATED MEMORY: We were testing our nitrous powered 55, chuck made his pass and when he got back, I started packing the chutes like I usually do. I opened them up to start folding and I saw he had thrown his chutes right into fresh raccoon poop on the return road, scooped it right up. I grabbed some gloves and got to work.

 WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS FOR NEXT SEASON: My goals are to continue Racing and Continue Learning what makes these race cars work.

 WHAT ARE THE BIGGEST CHALLENGES FOR REACHING YOUR GOALS: Biggest challenge will be all the Covid-19 Mandates and tracks being forced to close.

 ANY BIG MODS OR BUILDS GOING ON DURING THE OFF SEASON: Currently working on a 55 daily driver for myself, with a LT4 engine and a 8 speed transmission. Also working on a 67 fastback mustang coyote swap.

 DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER HOBBIES OR PASSIONS: I am the Ast. Coach for the OKC Lady Trotter AAU Basketball team (Juniors and Seniors). A lot of these girls know a basketball scholarship is the only way they will get into college, and I want to see them succeed! We travel to different showcases for them to play in front of D1 college scouts and hopefully earn a spot on their scholarship list. This was the same team I played on, so it means a lot to me to see these girls come out on top.

 WHAT ARE YOUR TOP SONGS FOR WHEN YOU ARE DOING CARS THINGS / RACING:  Tinkering in the garage I usually turn my Spotify to the “women of rock” station. I love me some Stevie Nicks “Rhiannon” and 4 Non-Blondes “What’s Up”. Now when its time to Race, it just depends on the mood I am in. I can go from ACDC to Cardi B, To Skrillex.

 IF YOU GOT A MILLION DOLLARS TOMORROW, WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH IT? Smartly Invest, create a nonprofit animal rescue, Create Scholarships for kids that want to go to college but simply can’t afford it, And put aside some money to invest in some cool cars and car parts.

 WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE BLOGS, WEBSITES OR SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES THAT YOU FOLLOW? I love watching any restore or motor build videos, I learn a lot from videos. For racing I Watch “National No Prep Racing Association” YouTube channel.

 ADVICE TO OTHER WOMEN IN MOTORSPORTS OR WOMEN INTERESTED IN GETTING INVOLVED IN MOTORSPORTS:  5 years ago I wish another woman would have told me “ You don’t have to be Raised at the racetrack to have it in your blood. Racing is a competitive sport with many men and fewer females, but that is just a mental hurdle. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, the car will drive the same, it is not biased. Women usually have the better reaction time anyhow! So, jump in that car sis and learn the ways, you will mess up A LOT, but that is how you learn! God speed”

 ANYTHING ELSE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE WITH THE CAR CHIX COMMUNITY: I am humbled to be apart of the Car Chix Community! The women of motorsports are great examples for the future females of racing. Just want to say thank you for all the continued support!

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