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Car Chix proudly announces Dina Parise as Ms. November on CarChix.com.  Dina Parise has been a long time member of Car Chix and ranked in the top 12 of the 2014 Women of Motorsports Contest, earning her spot as Ms. November in the 2015 Car Chix Calendar.  Look familiar?  Dina Parise was recently named the 2015 IHRA Pro Mod World Champion!!!!  Congratulations Dina Parise and Dina Parise Racing for an amazing year!
Dina Parise is the owner of Dina Parise Racing and the driver of ‘Stella’ the 2013 Cadillac CTS-V Pro Mod!  She is currently sponsored by NGK, LAT Racing Oils, DJ Safety, CRC, Stainless Works, Speedwire Systems, USA Auto Supply,  Hoosier Racing Tire, Hussey Performance, Crank It Media and Motorsports Unlimited and had one hell of a year racing in the IHRA Series this year!
Dina is very competitive!  One of the greatest things about Dina’s competitive nature is that it is rooted from when she was a competitive figure skater in the ‘Ice Capades’! Yes — gracious, competitive figure skater turned IHRA Pro Mod World Champion!  Who knew?? 🙂

“My husband Andrew had been Drag Racing for years.  I couldn’t very well let him have all the fun now could I?  From the first burnout I ever experienced up close….I was hooked,” Dina explained to Car Chix,”Much to his dismay! Started in the Super Gas ranks and worked up to Pro Mod. Never looking back!”
One of the things that Dina loves about motorsports is the family element and the loyal fan base.  Anyone in the racing world can relate to the family aspect — no doubt.  Sometimes your race family is as close, if not closer than your blood family.
“Motorsports is super competitive, yet we are all a big family. We disagree, we beat our friends …or husbands in some cases, to the stripe, but at the end of the day there we are there for each other,” says Dina Parise,”Drag racing has the best, most loyal fans around. The fans keep us going through good and bad!”
Dina Parise is a huge support of Car Chix and women in motorsports.  She has always been a big advocate and role model for women interested in motorsports.
“Being involved in Motorsports does not necessarily equate to having to drive a race car…. What are you good at,” Dina explains, “Computers? Motors? Cooking? Marketing?  There are so many facets to fitting in the Motor Sports industry! If you love it, find your niche and go for it!”
Dina Parise is the owner and driver for Dina Parise Racing — one of the most dynamic pro modified teams out there!  While she would like to consider herself an average gal who always wanted a Cadillac from New York — she is far from.  Dina Parise is a true inspiration to women in motorsports and is proof that you can achieve your dreams, no matter how big or small they really are.
From Ice Capades to IHRA Pro Mod Champion, we are honored to have Dina Parise as an official member of Car Chix!  Best of luck to Dina Parise and Dina Parise Racing in the 2016 season!

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