Meet Kristen Jones – Ms. March 2016

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Car Chix announces Kristen Jones as Ms. March! Kristen placed in the top 12 of the 2015 Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest, earning her spot in the Dyno Dom’s Sikeston Raceway sponsored month of March in the 2016 Car Chix Calendar (purchase yours in the Car Chix Online Store).

Kristen Jones is part of Jones Racing from East Prairie, Missouri.  When she is not working at a Process Manager, you can find Kristen tearing it up at the drag strip with her 1967 Firebird at her home track, Dyno Dom’s Sikeston Raceway!

Real racers drive straight to the finish line. Not in circles looking for it. – Kristen Jones

Kristen comes from a family of racers.  Her father was involved in drag racing before she was born and got her involved too.  She also met the love of her life through drag racing.  Finally in 2015, Kristen got her turn behind the wheel and the rest is history!

I love racing because my Brother, Dad, Uncle and Husband race.  My kids love it and we enjoy being at the race track together as a family, explained Kristen Jones.

Those involved in racing will agree that the bond that it creates among family and friends is one like no other. Those that race together, stay together.  Kristen Jones is a big supporter of women in motorsports.  She encourages other women to take a shot behind the wheel and don’t be nervous!  Get out there and give it your all!

We look forward to seeing Kristen of Jones Racing at the upcoming Car Chix Ladies Only Drag Race this Summer!