Car Chix announces Marybeth Kiczenski as a featured member of Car Chix!  Marybeth Kiczenski is also Ms. May in the 2014 Car Chix Calendar (orders yours by clicking here)!

Marybeth Kiczenski is a product specialist from Des Plaines, Illinois.  When she is not drag racing  with her 1995 Eagle Talon TSi AWD at Great Lakes Dragway, you can catch her competing in Autocross and car shows!  Marybeth and her 95 Talon have won “Ride of the Month” on multiple car websites, have appeared in Modified Magazine’s Reader’s Rides and have claimed  wins at a number of car shows, including Monster Mopar.   She is also involved with and supported by Shelby Dodge Auto Club, DSMtuners and Mishimoto.

Marybeth got involved in motorsports when she acquired her first car. ” It all started with my first car, a 1994 Dodge Shadow 3.0L V6.  I learned how to repair it,  as well as body work, and eventually started into the world of performance modifications, ” stated Marybth Kiczenski.  She stated her car addiction really spiked after she purchased her first Eagle Talon Turbo!  You don’t say ….

When we asked Marybeth what see loved the most about racing and motorsports, she said, ” Automobiles give us a sense of freedom.  Those four (or two!) wheels can take you almost anywhere.  The magic that is of open road, paired the sound of a performance machine is something that cannot be beat!  They also feel like an extension of yourself, as if you give this inanimate object life.   There is no other feeling like it in the world!”

We couldn’t agree more..

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