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Car Chix proudly announces Zoe Hannah as Ms. January of the 2018 Car Chix Calendar!  Zoe Hannah has been an official member of Car Chix since 2014 (Read: Zoe Hannah Named Ms. November 2014).  During the 2017 Annual Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest, Zoe took the Car Chix community by storm after taking first place with 6,334 votes; breaking the record for the most votes ever in the Women of Motorsports Contest, but also earning the title of the Official Woman of Motorsports (Read: Record Breaking Women of Motorsports Contest Takes Over the Internet)!
Zoe Hannah is a student and pharmacy technician by day and racer by night.  You can catch her flying around Independence, Kansas with her 1981 Chevy Monte Carlo in the Factory Stock Class for Hannah Racing.  When she’s not studying, she can be frequently seen at her home tracks: Caney Valley Speedway and Humboldt Speedway.

“I never lose… I either win, or I learn”

One thing is for sure, not only does Zoe Hannah have the passion and the drive, she has a great support system.  Powering her 1981 Monte Carlo is: Quality Motors / Quality Toyota, Blair Edwards Construction, AIR-PRO HEAT & AIR, DAVES BODY SHOP & 24 HR. WRECKER SERVICE, Wizard Muffler, Eagle Security, CJ’s Threads, Skid 2 Motorsports, Slingshot Chassis, Mom & Dad, Meme (Zoe’s Grandma), Andy and Carol Gerstenkorn, Morris and Pam Sutton, Tony Monday, Bill McMurtrie, Curtis Foster and of course, Car Chix.

In 2017 alone, Zoe managed to earn 18-top 10 spots, 11-top 5’s and 4-top 3’s between Humboldt Speedway and Caney Valley Speedway.  We are sure great things are to come for 2018!
Before Zoe was born, her Father raced and her Mother would go and cheer him on every Friday and Saturday night.  As a child, Zoe’s Father would take her to the races and one time her explained to her that he stopped racing after she was born.

“I could tell he still loved it, so one night while we were at the races, a thought crossed my mind. I told my Dad that I wanted to race. At first he didn’t take me very seriously. But I knew at that moment I was going to follow in my Dad’s footsteps and race one day.”

Zoe made her first lap around the dirt track at the age of 13 in South Coffeyville, Oklahoma.  Now she is 18 years old and is the first female and fourth generation racer in her family.

“Just go for it, don’t ever give up on your dreams… and especially don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t – because you CAN! A quote that I always go by is “She believed she could, so she did.””

For 2018, Zoe has her eyes set on hitting the road and racing at a few more tracks instead of chasing the points.  She also has set a goal to earn top 5 finishes weekly.
Best wishes to Zoe Hannah and Hannah Racing this year!

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