Meet Nikkita Martino – Ms. November 2016

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Photo Credit: Antonio Lopez Photography

Car Chix welcomes Nikkita Martino as an official member of Car Chix, the premier motorsports organization for women.  Nikkita Martino placed in the top 12 during the 2015 Women of Motorsports Contest (Read: Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest Breaks the Internet), earning her spot as Ms. November in the 2016 Car Chix Calendar.

Nikkita Martino is motorcycle rider and motorsports enthusiast originally from Elgin, Illinois, but has recently relocated to the Dallas, Texas area.  She is affiliated with Fornarelli Motorsports, Out of the Cage Customs and Samstone Auto Repair.  When she is not out at automotive and motorsports related meet-ups or riding her prized 2002 Suzuki SV650S, she is out achieving the dream and making deals as a Business Development Officer for a very reputable company.

During 2014, a series of events had occurred in Nikkita Martino’s life that left her feeling distracted and lacking motivation.   For a moment, she had felt as if she had hit rock bottom, but realized her troubled times were not going to define her as a person.  So, she took action.

“For the last several years, I have been very involved with various local car clubs and events, while building on my daily – a Mitsubishi Eclipse. [In 2015], I decided that I wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle,” Nikkta explained,”Within a just a couple of weeks of that decision, I purchased my 2002 Suzuki sv650s. Learning to ride started as a distraction, and turned into being able to fall in love again, with something bigger this time.”

After finding herself again and developing this new found motivation and passion, Nikkita was motivated to help others.

“I chose to enter [The Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest] because not only are women who are into motorsports a rare, and wonderful breed that I would love to represent, but also because I want to motivate others. I want others to know that all hard times are temporary, and that should you chose to shift your pain into positive energy; your life just might change for the better, for good. For me, it was learning to ride,” said Nikkita.

nikkita martino-carchicks-carchicks-women of motorsports-calendarBecoming involved in motorsports impacts so many lives.  We can’t express this enough!  One of the common things you will hear from people, including ourselves, is how the people we have met along the way grew into family.  It’s a bond that develops that is sometimes hard to explain, but easier to experience.

“I love how motorsports bring people together,” explained Nikkita,”I have met the greatest people I know through the car and bike scene, some of which have turned into family”.

We couldn’t be more honored to have Nikkita as part of #TeamCarChix.  She is a strong, successful and humble woman that continues to shine and represent the woman in motorsports in the best of light.

“I would like to express my extreme gratitude to all of those that have supported me in this community. Being a woman, in what people think is a man’s world, is not easy, but it’s worth every minute. Every show, every meet, every cruise, and every race that I attend I feel the love that the community has to offer. There were so many beautiful women within the motorsports community, be that riders or racers or enthusiasts that place a lot of love and dedication in this world and absolutely deserved a win,” Nikkita says,”And well, if you had the courage to enter, and represent your love and passion, no matter what, you are a winner in my book.”

We couldn’t agree more.  🙂  We look forward to seeing where Nikkita’s journey leads her and how far her impact reaches…