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Photo Credit: Brett Moist Photography

Car Chix proudly welcomes Sabreena Ekstrom as an official member of Car Chix!  Sabreena Ekstrom placed in the top 12 of the 2014 Women of Motorsports Contest and earned herself a spot in the 2015 Car Chix Calendar!
Sabreena Ekstrom is a UMP Modified racer from Sidney, Illinois, USA.  When she is not working her day job as a Service Consultant, she is going laps at her home track, Farmer City Raceway.
She races a Bob Pierce Dirt Modified car that is sponsored and supported by Silverback Barbell, Sidney Dairy Barn, Brett Moist Photography, Iron Tide Gallery, Bobcat, T3G, Mumm Home Builders,, Fastlane Wraps and Mistress Motorsports. She is very thankful of her supporting sponsors, companies, friends and family — especially her dedicated crew members.
Sabreena grew up at the race tracks, attending with her family members and close friends. She loves everything about racing and motorsports. “It became an addiction.  Racing is in my blood,” Sabreena Says,”the speed, everything that goes into being fast, the competition, late nights/early mornings, being strapped in knowing you have to give it all or nothing.”
Sabreena Ekstrom encourages other women to take the leap into racing and motorports.  “Never give up.  Don’t ever listen to someone who says you can’t do something,” Sabreena says,” If you have the drive and determination, anything is possible.”
Sabreena and her team are getting ready for the upcoming 2016 season.  We look forward to seeing her and her crew shine!

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