Meet Stephanie Roberts – Ms. July 2016

Stephanie Roberts - carchix-carchicks-july-calendar-women of motorsports-racing

Car Chix proudly announces Stephanie Roberts as an official Car Chix Member and Ms. July of 2016!  Stephanie competed in the Car Chix annual Women of Motorsports Contest last year and place in the top 12 out of 400 world-wide entries! (Read: Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest Breaks the Internet) This achievement earned her a spot in the 2016 Car Chix Calendar as Ms. July!

Stephanie Roberts is from Fletcher, Vermont.  When she is not at her home track crewing for the Robert 50x Modified & Karting Race Team at Devils Bowl Speedway in West Haven Vermont, she is running the new salon she recently opened called, Glitz Hair Design.

We’re here for a good time,  not a long time

Stephanie Roberts grew up around racing since she was a little girl!  Her parents would take her to the race track to see a family friend race when she was as young as 5 years old!

“…At 5yrs old I was already hooked!  I would wear his race team shirt and I had a photo of his race car in my room! As I grew up we’d spend Saturday nights at our local race track,” Stephanie explained,”My older brother started racing at a young age. My husband was actually my brothers crew chief and that’s how we met!”

Stephanie Roberts - carchix-carchicks-july-calendar-women of motorsports-racingAs the crew chief for the Robert 50x Modified & Karting Race Team, Stephanie has contributed to many team success, including: 2012 Rookie of year, 2013 & 2014 top 5 finish in overall points standing for year and 2015 finished in top 10 in overall point standing!  Her team is sponsored by: Master Tech Automotive, Premier Paving,  Body Le Bronze, Fireball Towing, Yipes North, K&R Automotive,  Lovejoy Building, Rack’ N Reel, Queen City Steel, Yankee Cutter, Cummings Plumbing & Heating, Collins General Contracting, Advanced Auto Parts.

“Four years ago we decided to take a drastic leap in our racing career and purchase the Modified in my photo,” Stephanie says,”What a journey its been!”

Stephanie’s Husband got bit by the racing bug we have all come to know and love when he was 16 years old.  Just like Stephanie, he grew up in a racing family.  For their racing program,  Stephanie handles everything from marketing and sponsorships to recording data related to their lap times and tire pressure.

What Stephanie loves most about racing is the “Racing Family.”  If you are into racing, you know exactly what she means.  The Racing Family is can be thicker than blood.

“I have a 9 & 5 year old boys so they love helping and cheering at the race track! I love the “Racing Family” that we spend our summers at the race track with!  I love the reaction I get while I’m cutting someone’s hair at work and I tell them that my husband & I own a race car,” Stephanie explains,”I love the excitement and thrill of just being at the race track each week and not to mention the excitement  that we all have when our driver is out there leading a race!”

Stephanie is all about women in motorsports and encourages women to get involved in motorsports and the automotive industry at all levels!  You don’t have to be a driver.  There are many other things that go into racing besides driving.  Collectively, all the pieces of the puzzle is what makes a racing program complete.

“Get out there and do it! Don’t be afraid to get dirty.  Don’t be afraid to get involved,  Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions, Stephanie Roberts explained,”Being involved in motorsports is so much FUN! I feel a woman doesn’t have to be mechanically incline to be an important part of a race team, sometimes just handing over the tools or being a support system to the driver & his crew are just as important!”

We couldn’t agree more!  Best of luck to Stephanie and Robert 50x Modified & Karting Race Team this season!