Meet Tabitha Sizemore – Ms. December 2016

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Car Chix proudly announces and welcomes Tabitha Sizemore as an official member of Car Chix.  Tabitha Sizemore is a talented photographer, journalist and avid drag racer from Paint Lick, Kentucky.  She competed in the 2015 Women of Motorsports Contest against 440 women across the globe (Read: Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest Breaks the Internet).  Tabitha placed in the top 12 during the Women of Motorsports Contest; earning her spot in the 2016 Car Chix Calendar as Ms. December.

Tabitha Sizemore competes in the ‘No Time 8.5’ classes with a gorgeous 1989 Ford Mustang.  She may seem all sugar and sweet, but Tabitha will have you loaded up on the trailer before you even get the grill unloaded at your next grudge race event.  Racing aside, Tabitha has a beautiful and unique story on how she came to realize her passion of drag racing and the motorsports industry.

“I had always kept my thoughts and aspirations very reserved growing up. When I started dating my husband, I started letting myself daydream a little. That’s when I finally realized, if you dream big, big things can happen! If you think small, you never know what you may miss out on,” Tabitha Sizemore explained, “I dream big about everything, and doors have opened for me that still just blow my mind. I live by that motto and always will from now on!”

Car Chix believes that everyone has a passion.  Some people know right away what their passion is and what their love for life is.  With others, it is something burning down deep down inside that is just waiting to be triggered.  Just waiting for something or some moment or someone to come along to wake it up. Personally, I feel that this is exactly what happened with Tabitha Sizemore.

“I had always had an interest in cars, but it did not get to bloom until I started dating my husband. From there it all waterfalled,” says Tabitha.

First, Tabitha picked up a camera and attended her first NMRA (National Mustang Racers Association) race with her husband.  This is where her love for motorsports photography began. She later became the official track photographer for her hometrack, London Dragway.  While photographing at a Outlaw 8.5 Race, her interest in heads-up racing peaked.  

“[I] saw the most gorgeous satin black Mustang foxbody. And from there I started my mission to get into heads-up racing,” explained Tabitha.

In your lifetime, there will be opportunities that will come along that you shouldn’t pass up.  Some may be small, some may be big and some may not be worth any time at all, but you will never know until you take the leap.  One day, Tabitha saw an ad on Facebook searching for freelance writers for  It sparked her interest, she applied and here she is now; a published writer for and RPM Magazine, two of the largest and reputable drag racing media outlets and magazines in the nation.

tabitha sizemore-carchix-carchicks-female-women-girl-racer-drag racing-grude racer- women of motorsports- women in motorsportsTabitha was also listed in the 2013 Drag Illustrated Photo Annual and earned a spot in the 2016 Drag Illustrated Hottest Women of Drag Racing.  Most recently, Tabitha wrote and photographed a centerfold story of one of our other Car Chix Members, Shannon Butler (Ms. March 2014) in the December 2016 Edition of RPM Magazine.

In addition, Tabitha feels strongly about giving back, whether it be the community or the racing industry that she has grown to love.  Her and her husband do what they can to help with several races and events throughout the year.  Tabitha was also involved with the 4-H Foundation for a very long time.  

“I was heavily involved in our county 4-H program. I was extremely competitive, and was in the middle of everything! Then suddenly one day, POOF! I’m told, ‘hey guess what, you’re told old now. You’re out,” Tabitha explained.

Tabitha was heartbroken.  She dedicated much of her times and efforts to the cause and the foundation.  Car Chix also helped raise money for this organization a number of years ago before we met Tabitha.  Small world!

“One of the main things I love about racing, there is no limit on how long you can do it. No one is ever going to come up to me and say, ‘we’ll you’re too old now, you don’t fit in anymore.’ Plus, there is limitless opportunities available, so many different areas you can get involved in,” Tabitha says, “There is always the ability to push yourself into new adventures. It can be as simple as changing classes and getting faster: or, going from shooting at a local track to shooting major events: it really is sky is the limit. Most importantly though, the people you will meet along the way, are the just the most incredible folks. Lifetime friends, really. The way the racing community will pull together for each other, is simply amazing. Rivalry can be camaraderie in an instant.”

We say it all the time.  The people you will meet through racing and motorsports are some of the most incredible people you will ever meet in your lifetime.  Some of the bonds can run deeper than friendships and become family.

Tabitha Sizemore doesn’t let other people define who or what she is as a person or a racer.  She welcomes the critics.

“Don’t ever let anyone tell you, you can’t do something. I always say, watch me,” says Tabitha, “Embrace the haters, and there will be haters. People will want to see you fail. Use that to push yourself. Keep thrashing at doing what you’re doing. No one can tell you, you can’t achieve something. Only you can determine that.”

Car Chix couldn’t agree more.  Focus on you and your goals, dreams and passions.  We look forward to what 2017 brings for Tabitha!