The 2020 Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest is Back & Currently Accepting Entries!

The 2020 Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest is back and is currently excepting entries!!

Ever wanted to be featured in the Car Chix Calendar? Ever wanted to be an official member of Car Chix? This is your chance!

The Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest is an annual event that celebrates the women of motorsports and the automotive industry! Women from around the globe compete in this celebration!

Not a woman? Don’t want to enter? No worries! Join in the celebration by voting for your favorite women in motorsports on the contest page!  You can vote once every 12 hours for individual entries!  So vote for any many entries as you would like!

The Women of Motorsports Contest is officially open for entries. Voting kicks off Friday, October 30th at 9am! Voting will close on Midnight of November 8th! You can submit entries all the way up until the contest closes.






**********CONTEST RULES**********

1.Ladies Only – Sorry guys!  Feel free to vote!

2.Photo submitted must be FAMILY FRIENDLY! This is NOT a bikini contest. *Rule of thumb: If you would not show your Grandmother or your Children the photo; it probably is not appropriate. Car Chix has the right to reject any photos deemed inappropriate.

3.Photo must be YOURS! Do NOT GOOGLE a photo and submit it – you will be DQ’ed. You cannot submit a photo of your friend, wife, or children. The actual person(s) in the photo must submit it themselves.

4.Photo must contain a vehicle; does NOT have to be YOUR vehicle. Please DO NOT send selfies on you driving your car around town. If someone takes of photo with you sitting inside your car – that is OK.

5.The person submitting the photo must be physically seen in the photo — in the vehicle or next to it — even if it is just your eyes and the helmet, we must be able to see the woman or it will not be considered. The only exception to this is if the photo that is submitted was one at an event that Car Chix attended and we can vouch/confirm. We do not want photos of just cars sitting empty in a parking lot somewhere.

6.NO photo collages! DO NOT SEND PHOTOS OF A BUNCH OF PHOTOS MERGED TOGETHER! They will NOT be approved.

7.ONLY 1 ENTRY ALLOWED PER WOMAN ** SO MAKE IT COUNT! Once submitted, contestants will not be allowed to substitute. Please note that photos must be approved before the will be seen for voting. Meaning – if you send your submission in at 3AM – we may not approve it until 9AM. Please be patient.

8.All images submitted must be the work of the individual submitting them and/or they must have permission and give credit to the photographer.

9.Contestants that make it into the top 12 must be able to provide photo(s) of print quality for the calendar. Any contestants that supply photos from photographers, must have and be able to provide the approval of the photographer to have their image used in the Car Chix Calendar. If unable to provide required items, the spot will be given to the next highest ranked contestant.

10.If you have been featured in any previous editions of the Car Chix Calendar, you cannot submit the same photo. New year, new calendar, new photo.

11.NO BOOSTING POSTS OR CREATING PAID ADS! This contest is supposed to be fun. Please DO NOT pay third parties to run ads or boost your posts for this contest. Any entries found in violation of this will be DQ’ed.

12.Any photos in violation of the official contest rules will not be accepted.

13.Car Chix has the right to reject any photos that are inappropriate or do not meet the rules of the contest.



1.TOP 12 PHOTO ENTRIES: Receive an exclusive invite to be featured in the Official 2021 Car Chix Calendar and will be featured on our networks every month throughout 2021.

2.TOP 12 PHOTO ENTRIES: Become Official Members of Car Chix and granted access to exclusive Car Chix Content, Resources and Offers

3.TOP 12 PHOTO ENTRIES: Receive a FREE copy of the Official 2021 Calendar

4.PHOTO WITH THE MOST “VOTES”: Receive a $50 CAR CHIX GIFT CARD and be named the Official 2020 Woman of Motorsports!

5.CAR CHIX CALENDAR COVER: One of the top 12 entries in the Women of Motorsports Contest will be selected as the Cover of the 2021 Car Chix Calendar

6.CAR CHIX CALENDAR PICK: One lucky woman out of all of the entries will be picked to be included in the 2021 Car Chix Calendar as the *Bonus Month*