Car Chix at Dig or Die at Rockingham August 21st & 22nd

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Car Chix will be at Rockingham Dragway this weekend for Dig or Die Dig Days 2 $20,000!! Grab you friends and family and come out for a great weekend of racing!! Be sure to come visit the Car Chix Trailer in vendor row! See you there!

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The baddest no prep race returns! We’re doing it bigger and better as we bring it to the Rock! Better to suit the fans and racers but still that back street down and dirty atmosphere! 2 days of none stop action wother 4 classes. Stick Shift, Late model Daily, Small Tire, and All out! Give me 64 small tire cars for a $20,000 pot. Pyop straight off the trailer! More details and class rules will follow shortly so stay tuned. Lock in registration will begin June 10th! Share away and let’s make history again! Class rules as follows……

The biggest class that draws the crowd.Small tire rules will remain the same as December. 28×10.5 non w is the tire limit….no full tube chassis and no awd. We expect you to have floor pans on up past where the seats bolt up and factory firewall intact with the allowance of a removable trans tunnel. $300 entry! Give me another 64 car field and we will give you another $20,000 payday! Lockin deposits will start shortly after we post up big tire/all out! So get those spots filled cause we have only 2 months left.

Late Model Daily class! 98 and up model vehicles. Must have every creature comfort as when it rolled off the assembly floor! A/C, power steering, working windows and lights,full interior with allowed upholstered race seats such as corbeaus (no kirkeys), Stock style rear suspension, up to date tags, 28×10.5 tire limit ( 17,18,20 in wheels allowed wider tire) (awd 200 treadwear limit) and its pyop. Any power adder allowed. $150 entry runner up entry back and rest of the pot to the winner! Lockin $50 required to get on the list starting June 10th via PayPal. Message me with any questions and I will be glad to help. Spread the word and let’s see who has the baddest daily!

Next up on the list is stick shift! Pretty simple…..h pattern manual trans and a 28×10.5 no w. Then let it rip! $200 entry with runner up getting entry back and rest of the pot to the winner.

Last but not least we have all out/big tire. Any combo, any chassis, any setup! Big meats, awd, tube chassis…it doesn’t matter. $400 entry! Give me 25 cars and we will give you a $10,000 payday!