Car Chix Celebrating 3rd Anniversary Today!

Car Chix Chicks Racing Female Women Organization Celebrate

Today, Car Chix celebrates its’ 3rd Birthday!  In 3 short years, Car Chix has accomplished so much due to the support and dedication of it’s fans.  We cannot thank you all enough for your loyalty and support of women in motorsports and the automotive industry.

Every year, Car Chix grows beyond something we have ever imagined.  With new members joining the website everyday, new followers following our social media networks every night and the attendance numbers at our events doubling every time – Car Chix has become the premier motorsports organization for women because of each and every one of you!

Car Chix launched in January of 2010.  Our first website crashed within days because of the overwhelming traffic that immediately began connecting to it.  After 72 hours of no sleep, lots of Mountain Dew, Monster, Coffee and a few good friends, Car Chix was relaunched on January 20th of 2010 – better than ever,

Within the first year of existence  Car Chix held the first ever Racing for a Cure a Quarter Mile at a Time event in August at Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove, Wisconsin.  The track owners gave us the challenge to prove ourselves to them by giving us one of the slower days on the schedule that was having attendance issues.  After pumping pavement for a little under 2 months, many sleepless nights, tremendous support from the local community and fans; Car Chix broke attendance records with the Racing for a Cure a Quarter Mile at a Time event and raised over $3,300 for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research.

The year of 2011, Car Chix decided to take the risk and take the Racing for a Cure a Quarter Mile at a Time event on the road! Traveling all over the Midwest to promote Car Chix, the event and educate local communities on the severity of breast cancer prevention.  We were featured in numerous magazines, newspapers, radio shows and even made a few television appearances!

That year, the Racing for a Cure a Quarter Mile at a Time event successfully premiered at Byron Dragway in Byron, Illinois; Cordova Dragway in Cordova, Illinois and Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove, Wisconsin.  Car Chix spread their horizons in 2012 and ventured out into the Car Show and Racing Expo Industry with Car Chix Cruize Night in Lombad, Illinois and attended some of the largest expos – PRI and RP EXPO.  Car Chix also teamed up with former drag racing association, IMSM, to bring a ladies only drag race to the track – Heels & Wheels – The race for the Purse!

In 2012, Car Chix scaled down the number of events, but decided to have one large event to touch each aspect of the year before; making 2012 one of the most successful years for Car Chix yet!  Car Chix hosted their very own ‘Car Chix at 66′ Ladies Only Drag Race at Route 66 in Joliet, Illinois!  This event drew in 2 full classes of female competitors from all over the Midwest!  The turn out was amazing!  The Racing for a Cure event was hosted again at Cordova Dragway Park during the 59th World Series of Drag Racing!  Car Chix teamed up with OWC and TwoTails to put on one of the largest Car Shows yet – Crusin’ at TwoTails!  Finally, at the end of the year, Car Chix teamed up with a number of drag racing organizations, The Midwest Super Stock Mafia, X275, and more; to put on ‘Brooke’s Benefit Bash at Byron’ to raise money for MS!

2012 proved to be HUGE for Car Chix!  Car Chix ended the 2012 year raising over $20,000 for charity causes!

We cannot thank you all enough for helping us get where we are today!  Our promise to you is to keep up the hard work that you all show to appreciate so much!  Let’s make 2013 the best year yet!

Thank you!