Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest Launches Full Throttle


Cheryl Hryn – 1st Place

The 6th Annual Women of Motorsports Contest, presented by Car Chix went off with a bang as women from all over the world joined in the celebration of women in motorsports and the automotive industry.  This year, the contest was moved from the Car Chix Facebook Page, which was the contest platform for 5 years prior, to the website.

“Last year, the contest reached over 30 million people on Facebook with over 440 entries in less than 7 days.  Facebook ended up locking out account for two hours as we triggered security and they thought we had been hacked,” Jeanette DesJardins, President & Founder of Car Chix explained, “We out grew the platform and had to switch it up to accommodate our contestants, fans and supporters.”


Jacklyn Ellis – 2nd Place

However, change sometimes brings unknown certainties.  The moment the clock struck Midnight and the contest went live, Car Chix knew there was going to be a problem…

“As soon as I hit the button and made the contest live, traffic flooded the website from all over the world,” says Jeanette DesJardins, “I had already given the server company a heads up about what was going on earlier in the week, but 30 minutes into the start of the contest, I was on a call with them coming up with a strategy.  No one expect this kind of traffic.”

The website was so overloaded by website voters, that it significantly slowed down the server.  After a couple days of sleepless nights and multiple upgrades, the server straightened out and was able to hold the traffic load.  Due to the inconvenience, Car Chix extended the Women of Motorsports Contest by 12 hours.  


Phoebe Wainman – 3rd Place

The Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest ran from September 10th through the 18th and was open to all women with a passion for motorsports and the automotive industry.  The rules stayed true to their roots of family friendly and encouraging.  The only changes that were made to the contest outside of changing platforms were that people could now vote for their favorite women of motorsports contestants twice a day and results were posted in real time!


Morgan Hixon – 4th Place

This year, there were 152 approved contestants world-wide that were competing to rank in the top 12 to earn a featured spot in the 2017 Car Chix Calendar!  The competition was intense with a number of record breaking events that occurred, including:

  • 1st time 3 women from outside of the United States ranked in the top 12 — Jacklyn Ellis, UK; Phoebe Wainman, UK; Sophie Maynard, UK (2015, Shauna Hill of Ireland was the 1st woman from outside of the US to place in the top 12 rankings)
  • 1st time the top 15 entries had 1,000+ votes each (2015, top 14 with 1,000+ votes)
  • 1st time 8 women broke the 2,000+ vote mark (2015, two women broke 2,000+ votes)
  • Website Views increased by nearly 500% compared to 2015
  • Website Sessions increased by nearly 300% compared to 2015

Natalie Hirschfield – 5th Place

Congratulations to the Women of Motorsports!  Car Chix cannot thank everyone enough for their continued support and participation in this annual event!  The top 20 women of the 2016 Women of Motorsports Contest were as follows:

  1. Cheryl Hryn – 4,249 Votes
  2. Jacklyn Ellis – 3,483 Votes
  3. Phoebe Wainman – 2,758 Votes
  4. Morgan Hixon – 2,493 Votes
  5. Natalie Hirschfield – 2,362 Votes
  6. Presley Wilkerson – 2,163 Votes
  7. Kristen Jones – 2,105 Votes
  8. Tonya Pennington – 2,019 Votes
  9. Michelle Mankiewicz – 1,975 Votes
  10. Candy Morris – 1,961 Votes
  11. Sarah Garlic – 1,937 Votes
  12. Sophie Maynard – 1,918 Votes
  13. Angie Coots – 1,911 Votes
  14. Cari Elser – 1,862 Votes
  15. Melissa Keuhs – 1,410 Votes
  16. Taylor Hanus – 576 Votes
  17. Natalie Decker – 543 Votes
  18. Jenny Zolper – 530 Votes
  19. Heather Dorethy – 475 Votes
  20. Nichole Salmini – 465 Votes

Congratulations to the ‘Car Chix Pick’ Winner – Katy Sterling!  Katy will be featured as the bonus month is the 2017 Car Chix Calendar.

katy sterling-carchix-carchicks-women of motorsports

Katy Sterling – Car Chix Pick Winner

The 2017 Car Chix Calendars, featuring the top 12 women of the Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest, are currently in production and are available for sale with pre-sale pricing in the Car Chix Online Store!  


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Thank you to everyone that participated in the 2017 Women of Motorsports Contest!