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Courtney Cole has been driving a 1932 Altered Bantam named Pure Insanity II for the last 4 years!  Pure Insanity II is a hard tail (no suspension) and a power glide that’s powered by a 509 Reher-Morrison.  It weighs about 1950 lbs. The last time Courtney had her Altered Bantam dynode, it had over 830HP!  She usually runs low 8’s in the ¼ mile at about 160-165 MPH!  Pure Insanity II is sponsored by North Shore Towing, located in Evanston, Illinois and Pappas-Cole Motorsports!

Courtney races with a local car club called The Midwest Gassers.  They are a nostalgic club that does heads-up racing.  None of the Midwest Gassers race with nitrous or street tires.  All the members of the Midwest Gassers have nostalgic cars that would have run in the 1960’s Era!  The Midwest Gassers are a family-orientated group and many families run multiple cars together and/or crew on their families’ cars.  For more information on the Midwest Gassers, take the time to visit their website at:!

Courtney grew up in a car family!  Her whole family is into cars and fast toys!  It obviously must have rubbed off on her.  Her father, Bob Cole raced as a kid.  He bought a 1966 Corvette when he was in his teens, that he still has to this day, 40 years later!  Courtney’s Father, Bob; Sister, Steph; and Brother, David have all raced go-karts for over 15 years!  Although Courtney never go-karted, she was always into cars.

When Courtney isn’t racing her Altered Bantam, you can find her in the pits wrenching on her car or her brother, David’s 1965 Chevy Nova (the original Pure Insanity), or helping fellow racers with their vehicles.  Before Courtney began racing, she started off by coming to watch her brother, David race and help wrench on his Nova.

She states, “wrenching only goes so far before you get bored, so I decided to try my hand at it”.  Courtney was hooked on racing ever since that first burnout and wheel stand!  Her father, Bob Cole, noticed her talent and said if she was serious about racing, she had to go to the Frank Hawley Drag Racing School.  After attending Frank Hawley, she came back to the track determined to get her NHRA Competition License.  With the help of her father, Bob, Greatlakes Dragaway, and Dominic Blasco, her dream became a reality.  Courtney is now a NHRA Licensed Drag Racer!  Her best time in Pure Insanity II is currently 8.17!

* originally became a featured Car Chix Member on July 7, 2010