Car Chix Calendar Autograph Session

2017 Car Chix Autograph Session - Race and Performance Expo-RPEXPO-MOTORSPORTS-MARKETING-BANNER-AD-2017-jeanette desjardins-race-automotive-marketing-business-racing-motorsports-race and performance-carchix-carchicks-womenracing-women of motorsports-carchix calendar-carchicks calendar-cheryl hryn-natalie sorak-nalatie hirschfield-morgan hixon-team car chix-team car chicks

Car Chix will be holding an official 2017 Car Chix Calendar Autograph Session at the Car Chix Booth from 1pm-3pm during the 10th annual Race & Performance Expo!

Come on out and meet the Car Chix!

The Car Chix Calendar Autograph Session will feature Cheryl Hryn, the 2016 Winner of the Women of Motorsports Contest & Ms. May in the 2017 Car Chix Calendar; Natalie Hirschfield, Ms. April in the 2017 Car Chix Calendar and Morgan Hixon, Ms. August in the 2017 Car Chix Calendar!

RPEXPO-MOTORSPORTS-MARKETING-BANNER-AD-2017-jeanette desjardins-race-automotive-marketing-business-racing-motorsports-race and performance-carchix-carchicks-womenracing-women of motorsports