Introducing the 2021 Car Chix Calendar Features



First call for…The 2021 Car Chix Calendar finalists to the staging lanes.

Lane assignments are as follows:


Lane 1:  Meg Ramsey, Ms. January

Lane 2:  Stephanie Long, Ms. February


Lane 1:  Debbie Blagg, Ms. March

Lane 2:  Ashley Mork, Ms. April


Lane 1:  Nicole Gierum, Ms. May

Lane 2:  Kimberly Deutsch, Ms. June


Lane 1:  Payton Cusimano, Ms. July

Lane 2:  Amelia Tyree, Ms. August


Lane 1:  Emilee Ballard, Ms. September

Lane 2:  Ashley Finney, Ms. October


Lane 1:  Rebeccas Stuart, Ms. November

Lane 2:  Kallee Mills, Ms. December


Bye Run:  Amanda Deamico


Ladies and Gentleman, please put your congratulations and comments together as we introduce and welcome each of these awesome 2021 Car Chix Calendar Women of Motorsports to the starting line!


Between each round (aka Month), we will hold a brief “Meet The Racers” session where you can read and learn more about each of the ladies featured this year.  Their stories of how they got started in racing are quite unique, as are their inspirations and goals for racing.  Due to weather conditions, we had a delay in bringing these ladies to the staging lanes yet we are all clear to go now!!  You surely aren’t going to want to miss this…

Car Chix, The Premier Motorsports Organization for Women, is proud to present… Ms. January, Meg Ramsey and Ms. February, Stephanie Long to the starting line.  We will present each of the ladies individually as they approach the water box!  Let’s give them a big round of applause for all their hard work and dedication to Women in Motorsports.