Meet Ireland’s Top Female Drag Racer Gabby McDonald


Photo Credit: Gabby Mcdonald Racing Facebook / Colin Donisthorpe

Gabrielle McDonald, AKA Gabby, is only 20 years old, but could be one of the most decorated female racers we have seen with three championship titles already under her belt.  She is a Top Fuel Drag Racer from Dublin.  In addition, Gabby is currently Ireland’s top female drag racer and is the only top fuel drag racer to be representing Ireland.

She began drag racing when she was just 13 years old in junior dragsters.  Funny story — Gabby’s love for drag racing can be accredited to a family vacation in the USA when Gabby and her family stopped at a amusement park somewhere between LA and Las Vegas that had go-karts and four dragsters on a rail.  Up until this day, she never really had an interest in motorsports.  Her first past ever — Gabby got a o.ooo1 reaction time.  Call it beginners luck, but she managed to nail this several times.

“I kept getting really good reaction times after that and I went on it 18 times in a row, and my parents had to drag me away in the end,” Gabby reported to The Score.

By 2010, Gabby already re-wrote the history books.  At the young age of 16, she won the Triple British Championships.  This included the Santa Pod Racers Club Championship, the Shakespeare County Championship and the British National Championship; making Gabby the first Irish, non-UK racer AND the first female racer to ever win all three championships at the same time!  Amazing…


Photo Credit: Pledge Sports

Gabby McDonald has had numerous other wins and accomplishments, including being honored as Sportswoman of the Year by Shakespeare County and nominated as Tallaght Person of the Year.  Gabby could have possibly won a 4th championship, However, due to lack of funding, she was unable to attend the final two races.

Gabby is currently working on obtaining her official Top Fuel License.  In order to qualify for a Top Fuel License, the driver must make 2 complete passes at 4.7 seconds at 250mph or faster.  She only has one more pass to complete and needs your help!

Her goal to to obtain her Top Fuel License so that she can compete at the European Finals at Santa Pod Raceway in September.  A funding page has been set up in favor to help Gabrielle McDonald achieve her Top Fuel Dream.  Check it out:  Gabrielle McDonald Racing Fundraiser Page

You can also find Gabby on Social Media!


Twitter: @GabbyMcDonald7