Meet Ms. January 2020 – Capri Wesley

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We are honored to announce Capri Wesley as an official member of Car Chix!  In addition to being an outstanding role model for women in motorsports, she is also Ms. January in the Boss X / Duck X Productions sponsored month of the 2020 Car Chix Calendar!  Capri earned her spot in the 2020 Car Chix Calendar after competing in the 2019 Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest.

capri wesley-carchix-carchicks-racing-motorsports-automotive-drag racing-car chix-car chicks

Capri Wesley of Gulf Breeze Florida drag races a beautiful 1998 Z28 Chevrolet Camaro.  It is powered by a small block Chevy nitrous motor- with single stage Nitrous Outlet nitrous plate.   Affiliated with 5.70 Real Street Racing Association, SouthCoast Heads Up, NHRA Summit Series/ Menscer Motorsports, FreeLifeFilms and FTI Performance; you can often find her racing at her home track, Emerald Coast Dragway!

Some of her recent accomplishments and notables are winning Queen of Emerald Coast Dragway Race, winning several 6.50 heads up series races, the NHRA summit series no box race and the 5.70 Real Street Racing Association Race.  Capri was also the 2019 6.50 Series points leader for SouthCoast Heads Up Series and earned runner up for the 2019 5.70 Real Street Racing Association.

Capri’s love for motorsports started at the young age of 10!

When I was 10 year old, I started liking cars. I used to go around telling everyone that I wanted a 98 Z28 T-top red Camaro. It was kind of random because no one in my family was interested in cars. My dad and my grandfather both raced motocross years before I was born so there was definitely a need for speed in our family.

She used to be a big import lover!  Crediting the Fast & Furious movies!

When The Fast and the Furious came out, I fell in love with imports. I wanted a Honda Prelude and got one when I was 16. I started hanging out with people in the car scene and they took me to the dragstrip. I raced my very slow Prelude and decided at that point, I wanted my car to go fast instead of look cool. When I was 17 I put a turbo on the stock motor. I was driving 45 minutes to and from high school with no A/C in Florida and no power steering but I had a turbo. At 18, I bought another car to daily and built the motor on my prelude.

Capri eventually decided she wanted to go FAST and decided to pick up the original car she always wanted…

I continued racing it until 2014 when I got the opportunity to drive a real race car, 1966 Chevy II with a big block in it. From there, I wanted a REAL race car. So I went back to my roots from 10 years old and bought my 1998 Z28 T-top Camaro that I had always wanted.

One of the common things we all hear from racers about what they love the most about racing and motorsports — is the people!  These people you meet along the way become family.  There is nothing like it.

The biggest part I love about motorsports is the family you gain and the people you meet. My life revolves around drag racing now. Practically every weekend, I am at the race track. Everyone I hang out with is involved with racing and we are a racing family. I have met the most amazing people in the years I have been at the track and it has made my life what it is today.

So far, Capri’s favorite motorsports related memory is taking the win for the Queen of Emerald Coast Dragway Race!

There were so many factors against me that day. I was not in the right state of mind and had some people really try to hurt my feelings that day. It almost worked until I won the race. It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. Both myself and my car made a statement that day.

When getting ready for a race or sitting in the staging lanes, Capri likes to listen to PJ North!  She says it is an absolute must if your a drag racer.  Ever heard of him?

If you are a drag racer and you don’t listen to him, then you are missing out! His songs get me so pumped and motivated. I’m going to try to make a name for myself so I make it into one of his songs one day. Be double 00, take double 00!!

Some of Capri’s goals for next season is took home the championship in one of the series that she competes in.  With her determination and passion, we are certain there is nothing holding her back.  Rumor has it she is upgrading that nitrous system over winter — watch out!

There isn’t much keeping me from reaching my goals as long as I continue to practice and stay focused on winning. I have a great team backing me and they make sure to help me out and keep me in the zone when we race.

When we asked Capri Wesley what advice she had for other women in motorsports or other women possibly interested in entering the industry, she shared some pretty solid advice…

Just start doing it. No matter what car it is, no matter how much money, get involved. I started in a Honda racing a few import races and an every weekend test n tuner. Now I’m racing big races almost every weekend in my Camaro, traveling all across the southeast. Start slow if you have to but just do it. There are so many people that will be there to help you in the racing world. So many people want to see women succeed in a man’s world. We need to change that saying. We need it to be a racer’s world, man or woman. Find people to mentor you or guide you in the right direction. Us women have to help each other. I am always happy to be a friend, mentor or support system to another woman who wants to get involved or is involved in racing.

Amen to that!

We are honored to have Capri Wesley as an official member of Car Chix, the premier motorsports organization for women.  We look forward to see what the season brings to her and her team!