Meet Mrs. November – Sarah Adamski

Edward Esmao Photography

Car Chix proudly announces Sarah Adamski, formerly know as Sarah Garlic, as Mrs. November in the Car Chix Calendar. Car Chix is excited to welcome Sarah as an official Car Chix Member! Sarah finished in 11th place in the 2016 Annual Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest. When she’s not riding her bike, Sarah is working as a team lead in fraud management at Accertify.

“I got into motorcycles after my first ride on the back of my boyfriend’s bike.  I loved the feeling of riding but absolutely hated not being in control. Not even a month later I bought my first bike, 2013 Ninja 300. Shortly after building up my confidence on my 300, I traded my bike in for a 2007 GSXR 600.”

Sarah has been riding for 3 years and  loves the freedom it gives her.  She can often be seen at many of the Chicago bike meets.  Sarah is also an adrenaline junkie and loves meeting new people in the motorcycle community.

Sarah’s season started early with a girl’s trip to Daytona’s Bike Week with her friend Jennifer. She loved spending time riding, watching some racing and meeting other riders in the motorcycle community. It was one of her best weeks she ever had with her friend and her motorcycle.

Sarah’s all-time favorite memory is when her body guy Ron, from Brutual Grax, asked her to enter her bike at the World of Wheels Cyclorama 3 days before the show started. She was definitely nervous because she was competing against people who spend upwards to thousands and thousands of dollars on their bikes.   She was even more nervous because her bike wasn’t near perfect and wasn’t show ready.  At the end of the day, Sarah was excited to learn that she won 2016 Outstanding the Mid Sportbike class.

Sarah also had one of her scariest memories happen to her on a ride for Toy for Tots. What was supposed to be a good time, quickly turned into one she would never forget.

“My worst riding experience was my first year riding at Toys of tots.  I love dressing up to big bike meets/rides. So for Toys for tots I dress myself up as an elf from head to toe. I decked my bike out as well with antlers, flashing lights and a huge Santa bag filled with toys. Minus the zero degree weather everything was going perfect until half down the parade my gas light popped on. Not knowing how long the parade was I started freaking out thinking I might run out of gas. I started noticing my bike was acting funny as I was looking for the next gas station to pull into. Next thing I know is the guy riding behind me, pulls up next to me screaming you’re on FIRE! I  instantly freak out thinking the leg warmers  I was wearing caught on fire. After pulling over, I got off my bike and my whole back tire was on fire. The lady next to me killed the fire by spilling her whole cup of coffee on my bike.”

Sara’s advice for other women interested getting involved in motorsports or women already in the motorsport world is,

“For women who are interested in getting in involved in Motorsports, my opinion is DO IT! Dreams don’t become reality unless you act on them.  Most people in the community are extremely friendly and are always willing to help you in the right direct!”

For next season, Sarah’s goals are to better herself and ride as much as humanly possible! …And possibly avoid tire fires! haha.  Congratulations to the newly weds!  We look forward to what the future brings!