The Randy Meyer Racing Team has been racing at Tulsa Raceway Park for decades but has had a wide range of success at the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series event held at the track in June. Last year, driver Megan Meyer earned a Runner-Up finish to James Stevens, ending her streak of a perfect 5-race win record.

This year, Megan and her sister, Rachel Meyer, who was driving the team’s second A/Fuel Dragster, dominated the field. The girls were the only females competing in the 8-car field and were very successful taking down the boys. Megan and Rachel qualified first and second with a 5.22 ET and 5.25 ETrespectively, running over a tenth of a second ahead of the competition.

After defeating Terry Schmidt and Dean Dubbin in first round, Megan and Rachel both won in the semi-finals against Gary Cooper and Spencer Massey. Megan had the faster time to get lane choice over Rachel, which set up the Meyer Sisters for the first time to race each other in the nitro-injected machines. This is only the third time in history that both Randy Meyer Racing dragsters have faced-off in the final round.