Press Release: Tammy Wolf Represents WMSBF in 2013

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Photo Credit: scorpionusa

PRESS RELEASE: The WMSBCF is extremely happy to announce that Tammy Wolf has agreed to represent the WMSBCF in 2013 at all of her boat races. She will be helping educate fellow racers and her fans about breast cancer and increasing breast cancer awareness with in the industry.

Powerboat racing is the most exhilaration sport in the world. Drivers and their equipment are constantly tested. Powerboat racing is unlike any other form of racing, each lap is different, drivers not only compete against each other but they also against the ever changing water and wind conditions. Boats reach the turn buoy at up to 120 mph. These athletic drivers ride on cushions of air while they maneuver over an ever changing race course. No Start, No Lap or Straight Away is EVER THE SAME! Drivers can Experience up to 4G’s of centrifugal forces as they maneuver around a turn buoy.

Tammy started racing at age 18 and competes in Formula 2, and 3 as well as Formula V, and SST 90. She is one of the top competitors in the USA. Tammy, who is from Canada and living in Illinois now, is the first and only Canadian to compete at the world famous 24 Heures De Rouen in France where her all female team finished 4th and 9th over all.

In 2012 Tammy finished second in the American Powerboat Racing Superleague Formula 3 series points. She was the first runner up at the North American Championships, First runner up at the Southwest Divisional Championships and first runner up at the Regional Championships in 2012

I hope all our supporters will welcome her and follow her in 2013. Let her know you’ll be supporting her as she is supporting the WMSBCF in 2013.