Sharon Thomas to Rebuild “Bu Thang” after Devastating Track Accident


LOUIS, MO – June 19, 2018 – Sharon Thomas was set to light the world on fire in the Small Tire Class at the Missouri Outlaw Shootout at Gateway Motorsports Park in Madison, IL. last month, when the “Perfect Storm” of events occurred. After an impressive A to B pass on the engine during the first round of qualifying, the decision was made to turn it up.  During qualifying round two, things took a turn for the worst when the combination of antiroll bar failure and throttle sticking suddenly forced Sharon Thomas’ 78 Malibu “Bu Thang” to cross the center line and hit the wall around the 330 mark.   Thankfully, the car and safety equipment did their job and no one was injured.

After taking time to survey the damage and weighing the pros and cons of patching up the car for the 2018 season, Sharon has decided to take the time necessary to rebuild “Bu Thang” from the ground up.

“It is important to me to show support and participate in local events like the Missouri Outlaw Shootout series. And to be honest, I wanted to use the race as an opportunity to tune on the car for the upcoming  Headsup Hootenanny Radial vs. World race,” Sharon Thomas explained,” “I am thankful that things played out the way they did.  If the car had been further along in the pass when it decided to be stubborn the incident may not have had the same ending.”


“Everything happens for a reason. I just try to remember a good day gives us happiness, a bad day gives us experience, and the worst days give us lesson,” stated Sharon Thomas, “We will re-build and will be back better than ever.”

With the help of Rob Matheis and Sons, Venom Racing Engines and marketing partner, Stroud Safety, Sharon is expected to debut the new Limited Drag Radial car in early 2019.  Be sure to follow the build on the Nanook Motorsports Facebook Page.

About Sharon Thomas

Sharon Thomas a racer car driver for the DeSoto, MO based Nanook Motorsports Team.  Sharon Thomas is a seasoned racer with 10 years experience.  Some of her accomplishments include:  Numerous Top Eliminator wins at I57 Dragstrip, Rookie of the Year 2010 at I57 Dragstrip, Runner Up 2012 Super Chevy 5th Gen Camaro Race, Runner up 2015 in 10.5W class at Headsup Hootenanny, and getting down to 4 cars in 2017 Street Car Super Nationals Radial vs. World Class.  In 2017, Sharon Thomas finished 8th in the Mid-West Pro Mod Series, Radial vs. World Class.