Simone Warner Addicted to Racing Dragsters, Snowmobiles and Success

Meet Simone Warner, a 17-year-old Minnesota student who has an addiction to racing and Caribou Coffee. In the summer Simone runs with NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) with her Jr. dragster that she just transitioned out of and going to start the year off with a snowmobile.

“Behind the Helmet is a Little girl who fell in love with a gas pedal and a steering wheel”

In the winter she runs with the NSSR (National Straightline Snowmobile Racing) running a variety of classes from the Kitty Kat Class to the Pro Stock 500 Class.  You can catch Simone at the Grove Creek Raceway in the summer and all around with her traveling group NSSR.

“My love of racing began when my dad created a scale model of a Drag racing motorcycle for my sisters and I to ride in the yard. At age 6, I got my first snowmobile to use in the winter to speed run. This Was a barn find Kitty Kat that my dad fixed up for me. I raced the Kitty Kat for two years and then outgrew it.  The next sled I raced was a old grass drag sled with a 15-inch wide 9810 track and a 650 Polaris triple that was cut to make a 217cc single cylinder. I raced that sled for seven years, and it is now the sled that my little sister races.”

Simone has quite a big amount of achievements. For her winter racing, she was featured in Amsnow twice, once in Wheels of Thunder and in some Canadian news outlets. For her summer racing, Simone went to the semi-finals at the Eddyville Halloween Jr. Only Race.  She also earned many first and second places at Grove Creek Raceway.

Two years when I outgrew my other sled, my dad and I  built a Polaris Pro Stock 500, which I run in the winter, and I will be getting a snowmobile to asphalt race in the summer this spring, as I have decided it was time to step out of a Jr. dragster. My fastest I have been with my winter sled is 92.209 miles per hour and in my Jr. Dragster my highest was 85 miles per hour. My first Junior Dragster was a Mild steel car from the 1990’s, it was a heavy car but it had been loaned to us for me to use until I got my Jounior I just stepped out of which was a 2006 KCS (Kansas City Special).

Some of Simone’s winter highlights were getting a new sled and achieving a new personal best with her mph. For her summer racing highlights, she made a lot of first place finishes and made the decision to step out of her Jr.

dragster.  Simone has one major sponsor for her winter racing, Studboy and is currently looking for sponsors for her summer racing.

Simone has been involved in the motorsports industry since she was a little girl. Her dad raced bikes and she spent a lot of time at the track. Simone fell in love with racing when her dad built her and her sisters both a scale model of drag racing bike. Simone started racing in the winter at just 6 years old and in the summer when she was 9 years old. She loves the adrenaline rush she receives when she’s racing and the awesome sportsmanship at every event.

Simone’s favorite memory that she has about racing is when either her dad or sisters win or take second for the day.

Simone also, unfortunately, saw the bad side of racing one winter and it til this day, remains a bad memory to her.

“In the winter about nine years ago,  I saw a really bad crash and two bodies got mutilated. One almost lost their thumb, the other had their stomach ripped apart because the track of the snowmobile broke.”

Besides racing, Simone also has a lot of other hobbies, including:  dirt biking on occasion, fishing, pond hockey, spending time with her family, and of course working on cars with her dad.

Simone would like to say a few words to the women in motorsports or women thinking of getting into the world of motorsports.

“To those already in motorsports: Thank you for racing, there is a smaller community of girls racing then the community of guys!

To those interested in getting involved: If you are interested but still a bit unsure, try it I bet you’ll be addicted to the adrenaline rush just like many of the other racers.”