SMTA and Larsen Motorsports Look to the Next Generation

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October 10, 2018—Palm Bay, Florida based Larsen Motorsports is proud to announce a new partnership with the Space Coast Chapter of the SMTA (Surface Mount Technology Association).

The partnership will foster the creation of an electronics lab for manufacturing surface mount electronics. The electronics developed at the lab will be used by Larsen Motorsports’ jet racing teams as well as their turbine powered test cell. The program will provide hands on experience to student interns from Florida Institute of Technology as well as high school students from Brevard County.

“We are excited for the new opportunity to partner with SMTA to supply mentorship and real hands on opportunity for our interns at Larsen Motorsports,” says Elaine Larsen.  “Living on Florida’s space coast, opportunities in manufacturing and design are all around us. Our new partnership with SMTA will expand the real-world experience opportunities not only for Brevard County high school students but for Florida Institute of Technology students as well.”

For more information about the partnership, please contact Larsen Motorsports or SMTA.