Women in Motorsports Seminar Debuts at Performance Racing Industry


The Performance Racing Industry Show kicks off December 8th through the 10th at the Indianapolis Convention Center located in Indianapolis, Indiana!  During the 2016 Performance Racing Industry Show, attendees will be able to attend the ‘Women in Motorsports’ Seminar!  The ‘Women in Motorsports’ Seminar is new for 2016 and it is FREE!

Speaking during the ‘Women in Motorsports’ Seminar is former IndyCar Driver, Lyn St. James; Roush Yates Engines Quality Manager, Jennifer LaFever; professional driver and TV personality, Jessi Combs and Car Chix Founder & President, Jeanette DesJardins!

pri-logo-2016-carchix-carchicks-women in motorsports

During the ‘Women in Motorsports’ Seminar, the speakers will be sharing personal stories and experiences pertaining to the motorsports and racing industry.  Some of the topics that will be discussed include business relationships, sponsorships, careers and more!  In addition, ‘Women in Motorsports’ Seminar attendees will be able to be apart of the discussion and are encouraged to ask questions!

The PRI ‘Women in Motorsports’ Seminar is scheduled to take place Friday, December 8th at 8 AM!  For more information on the ‘Women in Motorsports’ Seminar and/or the upcoming Performance Racing Industry Show, please visit the PRI Website!  See you there!