Jessi Combs Becomes First Female Grand Marshal at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

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Jessi Combs

The myth, the legend, the woooooman, Jessi Combs has just been named the official Grand Marshal for the 77th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and the 15th Annual Sturgis Mayor’s Ride!   After 77 years, Jessi Combs is the first woman to ever be named Grand Marshal of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Jessi Combs has been attending the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally for over 30 years.  As a native of the South Dakota and The Black Hills Area, a staple in the the custom and motorcycle industry and a leader in women in motorsports, we couldn’t be more excited about this year’s Sturgis Grand Marshal.

“I am honored to represent the Sturgis Rally, an event that holds over 30 years of unforgettable memories for me, as well as all the women who have helped pave the motorcycling path for so many others,” Jessi Combs said.

Jessi Combs is a world renowned racer, fabricator, TV personality and all around bad ass.   She has hosted and appeared on a number of popular TV programs, including: ‘The List: 1001 Car Things to do Before You Die’, ‘All Girls Garage’, ‘Overhaulin’ and ‘Mythbusters’.  Back in 2016, Jessi Combs was one of the keynote speakers for the debut of the ‘Women in Motorsports’ Seminar at the Performance Racing Industry Show (PRI).  She shared the stage with former Indy Car Driver, Lynn St. James; Roush Yates Engines Quality Manager, Jennifer LaFever and Jeanette DesJardins, owner and founder of Car Chix and Crank It Media.

Known as the ‘World’s Fastest Woman’, Jessi Combs set and holds the land speed record on 4 wheels with hair raising speeds of 398 MPH with a top speed of 447.59 MPH!  WOW — THAT is movin’!  In addition, Jessi Combs has been very successful in off road and desert-style racing.  To name just a few of her accomplishments, Jessi Combs is the only woman to ever earn a podium finish in the ‘King of the Hammers’ Race which has been in existence for 11 years and she has also earned a number of podium finishes in the ‘Baja 1000’.

When she’s not building hotrods, trucks or bikes, Jessi is traveling the world, sharing her mission of encouraging other people to get involved with the industry — especially women.

“Most of my time, I am out traveling the rest of the world and trying to share my mission with all of you guys at home and to let mainly women know that it’s okay to get their hands dirty and to go fast and to have fun,” Jessi Combs explained,”So, to be in this position as the first female Grand Marshal for the Sturgis Rally, I think it’s completely parallel to my mission and I couldn’t be more happy to represent, not only the motorcycle industry, but the females that are in the industry as well.”

The 2017 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally kicks off on Friday, August 4th and runs through Sunday, August 13th.  For more information on the Surgis Motorcycle Rally, visit the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Website.