Natalie Decker Aiming for Next Level in ARCA

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When it comes to motorsports, Natalie Decker has the full package.  Brains, beauty, passion and heart.  There is no doubt that the future is bright for this rising star in motorsports.

Natalie Decker started racing snowmobiles at the age of just 4 years old.  Her Father owns the World Championship Snowmobile Derby Race track and earned his title as World Champion in 1987.  When Natalie wwas 7 years old, her Father took her to her first go kart race and that was the moment it hit her.

“I feel in love with them [go karts] the moment I clasped my hands on the chain linked fence to watch them race for the first time,” Natalie Decker explains,”It was love at first sight.”

After a couple of years regular persistence and “begging”, Natalie awoke to her very own go kart on the morning of her 9th birthday.  That was the day her life changed forever.

“Instead of slumber parties with my girl-friends, I was on the road racing,” says Natalie.

By the age of 12, Natalie was promoted to Mod Four Cylinder Car and began spending her weekends racing against men that were the same age as her father.  Instead of attending school dances and parties, Natalie was at the track making her dreams a reality.

As with many racers, there are so many great and life changing experiences and memories that occur on and off the track.  The ripple effect of motorsports is amazing when you really sit back and think about it — friendships that have been formed, families that have grown and dreams that have come true.  One of Natalie Decker’s favorite memories is a once in a lifetime experience that she was able to share with a fan.  A moment, I am sure, he will never forget.

“[A] great memory was giving a fan a ride around the track in my limited late model to carry the American Flag.  I am 5’0″ tall and this fan is 7’0″ tall so it was a challenge getting him into my car,” Natalie explains,”Watching his big smile during the National Anthem, while he was holding the American Flag inside my car was such a special moment.”

Natalie Decker-carchix-carchicks-racing-motorsports-automotive-women of motorsports-women in motorsports-female racers-women racingIn addition to many great fan, friend and family memories with racing.  Natalie Decker has celebrated some amazing victories as a racer with the help of VP Racing Fuels, Badger Max, Amsoil, Rhinelander GM and Auto Gear, including: 4 track championships in Go Karts, 5 heat wins in Mod 4 Car and in Super Stock Car was had 7 featured wins; named Rookie of the Year, Sportsman of the Year and Most Improved Driver.  She also earned Overall Champion in CWSSA (Central Wisconsin Super Stock Association).

When Natalie Decker competed in ARCA Midwest Tour Trucks, she was named Sportsman of the Year, Rookie of the 3rd, earned 1 featured win and finished 3rd overall points.   While competing in Limited Late Model Cars, she was Track Champion with 11 fast times and 8 feature wins.  In Super Late Model Cars, she has 12 feature wins, became 2x Rookie of the Year and earned Whelen All American Rookie in the State of Florida.   Natalie also had a feature win competing in Dirt Trucks!  WOW!

“Make a Difference” – Natalie Decker

Outside of racing, Natalie spends a lot of time giving back to the community.  One of the things she is involved in is visiting and giving talks at elementary schools to talk with children about bullying.  She is currently working on finalizing her foundation, “Racers Against Bullying,” which is something that is dear to our hearts.

“Even if it is just one child that I can help,” Natalie Decker says,”that will be a great measure of success for me and my goals.”

Car Chix met Natalie Decker for the first time at the PRI (Performance Racing Industry) 2016 Show.  She was one of the attendees to the ‘Women in Motorsports’ Seminar with keynote speakers: Lyn St. James, Jennifer LaFever, Jessi Combs and Jeanette DesJardins.  We believe that Natalie Decker’s advice to other women in or interested in motorsports is pretty on point.

“My advice to women interested in getting involved in car racing is once your helmet is on, you are just another driver out there competing against another driver.  You can just throw out the window all the female/male labels and remember you are a race car driver,” Natalie explains,”If you ever run into a situation where a guy racer cuts you down and tells you girls shouldn’t race, the best way to get them quiet is to beat them on the track.”

Natalie has already kicked off her 2017 season!  Her goals this year include winning with her new car chief, Kyle Wolosek, racing ARCA and running top 5 finishes in the ARCA Series.  Her ultimate goal is to make it to the next level of ARCA which includes obtaining more sponsorship.

Natalie Decker’s next race is the Joe Shear Classic 200 at Madison International Speedway on May 7th!  We look forward to Natalie Decker’s success for the 2017 season!

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