Drag & Drive regular Alex Taylor, who is known for her turbocharged 1955 Chevrolet, competed at Sweet 16 in Radial vs The World piloting the Bumble Bee 2.0.



Taylor hopped behind the wheel of the Jeff Miller-owned, twin-turbocharged 2017 Camaro known as the Bumble Bee 2.0 and qualified in the number eight spot with a 4.284 at 178.45. Taylor is a natural behind the wheel, and this weekend showed just that. A few weeks ago at the NMCA event in Bradenton, Florida, she broke the 200mph barrier to the 1/4 mile, running a stout 7.062 at 200.20mph.

Taylor had a competition bye in the first round of eliminations, running a career best 4.012 at 197.74mph. Round two she was paired up with the number two qualified Paolo Giust, where she unfortunately left before the tree was activated. Nonetheless, she made a clean run that looked very fast.

Interview & Video Credit: SLM Media 

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