Stephanie Keil Car Chix Women of Motorsports Calendar

Stephanie Keil – 1st Place Women of Motorsports Contest

The annual Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest went off with a bang!  This contest is held annually to celebrate the women in motorsports and elects new official Car Chix members that are showcased in the Car Chix Calendar for the following year.  This year, the contest ran only 7 days (decreased from 14 days in years’ past) and received 440 entries from women around the world!  The competition was fierce!
During the contest, the Car Chix Facebook Page got locked down for a short period of time by Facebook Security.  The page was reaching nearly 30 MILLION PEOPLE!  With the abundance of Car Chix Fans sharing the contestants’ photos and Car Chix posts, it triggered a security breach at Facebook that disabled LIKES, SHARES and even MENTIONS of Car Chix completely.  WOW!
Shauna Hill Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest Calendar

Shauna Hill – 2nd Place Women of Motorsports Contest Winner

“So many people were participating in the Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest, that it triggered Facebook Security,” Jeanette DesJardins, Car Chix President, laughed, “they thought we were hacked or hijacked by a bot.”
Car Chix President, Jeanette DesJardins and Facebook were able to get everything straightened out and the contest was back in session.  The security breach lasted about 2 hours.
Since the contest, Car Chix has already begun preparations for the 2016 Women of Motorsports Contest — which will be re-structured and operated outside of the Car Chix Facebook Page.  Car Chix plans on testing out the new contest platform over the winter months.  Be sure to subscribe to the Car Chix Mailing List to be the first to know when the new contest comes out!
The response to this year’s Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest was astounding!  Women from around the world joined in the celebration of women of motorsports!
WMC 2015 Location of Website Vistors

Location of website visitors during Car Chix Women of Motors Contest – Google Analytics

“Every year this contest gets bigger and bigger and so does the Car Chix Organization, as well as, the Car Chix Events,” explains Jeanette DesJardins,”There is no denying the growth and interest of women in motorsports.”
The 2015 Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest set a number of records!
– Largest number of Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest Entries to date with 440 entries in 7 days (previous record of 398 in 14 days)
– Car Chix Facebook Page reached nearly 30,000,000 (yes– that is 30 MILLION) people during the peak of the contest (previously 400,000)
– 1st time that the top 14 entries in the Women of Motorsports Contest all had 1,000+ votes (In 2014, 2 women broke the 1,000 vote barrier and in 2013, only 1)
– 1st time ever that a woman from outside of the United States of America made it into the top 12!  Congrats to Shauna from Ireland!
Tabitha Sizemore Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest Calendar

Tabitha Sizemore – 3rd Place Women of Motorsports Contest Winner

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Staci Segura Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest Calendar

Staci Segura – 4th Place Women of Motorsports Contest Winner

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Miranda Lawson Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest Calendar

Miranda Lawson – 5th Place Women of Motorsports Contest Winner

Congratulations to the Women of Motorsports!  Car Chix cannot thank everyone enough for their continued support and participation in this annual event!  The top 20 women of the 2015 Women of Motorsports Contest were as follows:
1. Stephanie Keil – 3,566
2. Shauna Hill – 2,666
3. Tabitha Sizemore – 1,681
4. Staci Segura – 1,625
5. Miranda Lawson – 1,614
6. Natalie Sorak – 1,547
7. Angie Coots – 1,525
8. Nikkita Martino – 1,399
9. Tonya Pennington – 1,396
10. Presley Wilkerson – 1,364
11. Kristen Jones – 1,348
12. Stephanie Roberts – 1,342
13. Autumn Lawson – 1,310
14. Kayla DeShong – 1,112
15. Jarron Amis – 930
16. Stephanie Forsberg – 911
17. Amanda Newell – 854
18. Shayle Bade – 787
19. Lauire Kimble – 774
20. Amanda Saad – 715
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