Christy Women of Motorsports

Christy – 1st Place

The Car Chix annual Women of Motorsports Contest took over social media earlier this month as women from across the globe began competing against each other to earn spots in the 2015 Car Chix Calendar.  The Women of Motorsports Contest drew in nearly 400 entries from women across the world, including the USA, UK, the Caribbean Islands and Guadeloupe!
“This year’s response to the Women of Motorsports Contest was huge!  We had 390 entries from women all over the world that were racers, crew members and enthusiasts.  It was great and truly inspirational, ” Jeanette DesJardins, Car Chix, Inc. Owner stated, ” Every year this contest gets bigger and brings more and more women of motorsports together.  We cannot thank everyone enough for their support and dedication to Car Chix.”
By day 4 of the 2014 Women of Motorsports Contest, the Car Chix Fanpage was already reaching nearly 400,000 people on Facebook!  The Women of Motorsports Contest is an online event that Car Chix hosts every year during late-September, early-October.  The contest involves women that are involved in motorsports submitting photos of themselves with their rides into the contest.  Fans of Car Chix then participate in a 2 week voting period where they are free to vote for all of their favorite women in motorsports.  The top 12 women with the most votes at the conclusion of the contest then receive an exclusive invite to be featured in the Car Chix Calendar for the upcoming year.
Cheryl Women of Motorsports

Cheryl – 2nd Place

“There are so many women and young ladies out their that are racing and are interested in motorsports; you’d be surprised, ” Jeanette DesJardins explains, ” Ultimately, what we are trying to accomplish is to raise awareness about women in motorsports and offer women that are beginners or interested in getting involved in motorsports, a comfortable place to go to reach out to other female role models in the industry.”
Car Chix first introduced the Women of Motorsports Contest back in 2011 and only had 49 entries.  By 2012, the Women of Motorsports Contest had 193 entries and last year the contest drew in 223 entries.  For the first time ever during the 2014 contest, 2 women were able to break the 1,000 votes barrier.  Last year, Women of Motorsports Winner, Donielle Murphy was the first woman to break 1,000 votes.  This year, the Women of Motorsports Contest drew in the most motorcycle contestants ever with a whopping 50 entries out of the 390.  In addition, this is the 3rd time in the Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest history that a female motorcycle rider has won the contest, Christy Carberry in 2014, Donielle Murphy in 2013 and Michelle Mankiewicz in 2011.  Only 1 female race car driver has ever won, Amber Williams in 2012.
Donielle Women of Motorsports

Donielle – 3rd Place

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car chix calendar
Congratulations to the top 12 Women of Motorsports!  Car Chix cannot thank everyone enough for their support and participation in this annual event!  The top 12 women of the 2014 Women of Motorsports Contest were as follows:
1. Christy Savage Raven – 1,319 votes
2. Cheryl Hryn -1,083 votes
3. Donielle Murphy – 924 votes
4. Sabreena Ekstrom- 838 votes
5. Jackie Braasch – 679 votes
6. Miranda Lawson -646 votes
7. Taylor Hanus – 596 votes
8. Erin Braasch – 588 votes
9. Danielle Dobczyk – 564 votes
10. Natalie Sorak – 561 votes
11. Dina Parise -519 votes
12. Carissa Casimer – 517 votes

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