Join us in welcoming Angel Hardaway as an Official Car Chix Member!  Angel Hardaway competed and finished in the top 12 of the 2021 Women of Motorsports Contest to earn her spot as Ms. April in the Race Chick sponsored month of the 2022 Car Chix Calendar.




PROFESSION: Toddler teacher

YOUR VEHICLES (in photo): 1978 Chevy Camaro

MOTOR/SPECS:  406 Small block making 600 Horsepower. AFR heads, Dougherbt roller cam, Brodix intake.


HOMETOWN: Nashville,TN

HOMETRACK: Music City Raceway


CLUBS/AFFLIATIONS/SPONSORS: SP Carburetors, Hardaway Performance, Team RLA, IWMA, Chicks on slicks, Carchix

ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ACHIEVEMENTS: Top 10 in points for home track championship 2020, IWMA magazine page 2019

SEASON HIGHLIGHTS: Putting my car into a car show to help raise  money for the Shriners who help kiddos through their medical needs.

FAVORITE QUOTE/SAYING: “you’ll  never do a whole lot unless you are brave enough to try” – Dolly Parton

HOW DID YOU GET INVOLVED WITH AUTOMOBILES/MOTORSPORTS: My dad, he raced for years before I was born and I actually didn’t want to race myself till I was about 15.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN INVOLVED WITH AUTOMOBILES/MOTORSPORTS: been around loud and fast cars my whole life but have been driving for about 7 years

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT AUTOMOBILES/MOTORSPORTS: my favorite part of racing is the friends who become family. When a fellow racer is in need we come together as a community and get through it. Rather that be a need in parts are or even in personal lives we help each other out

 WHAT IS YOUR BEST CAR/RACING/MOTORSPORTS RELATED MEMORY: My favorite memory was back in 2017 when I won my first check racing super pro and the Reaper from street outlaws was cheering me on every round. He stood on the starting line with my dad every pass and was the first one to congratulate me on my driving that day.

WHAT IS YOUR WORST CAR/RACING/MOTORSPORTS RELATED MEMORY:  I honestly don’t have one even bad days are good at the race track.

 WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS FOR NEXT SEASON: My goals for next season is to win a big money race and bring home a “big check”

 WHAT ARE THE BIGGEST CHALLENGES FOR REACHING YOUR GOALS:  I feel like my biggest challenge in racing is not being able to have the newest parts all the time.  I am super blessed to even be racing but if we could buy brand new parts every year that would be nice.

 ANY BIG MODS OR BUILDS GOING ON DURING THE OFF SEASON: we will be building a new 406 small block for the car it failed us back in September so we are looking forward to rebuilding and getting back on the track in the 2021 season.

 DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER HOBBIES OR PASSIONS: I love teaching kiddos, I work full time at a preschool and enjoy every minute of it.

 WHAT ARE YOUR TOP SONGS FOR WHEN YOU ARE DOING CARS THINGS / RACING: It changes day to day but anything Girl power related or you know some PJ North racing songs.

 IF YOU GOT A MILLION DOLLARS TOMORROW, WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH IT? I would definitely buy a dragster and matching Chevy II. I would also buy our racing team a stacker and motorhome then the rest I would but back to pay for new parts when needed.

 WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE BLOGS, WEBSITES OR SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES THAT YOU FOLLOW? Chicks on slicks and drag coverage, they both show the wins in racing giving everyone a chance to show out in the racing world.

 ADVICE TO OTHER WOMEN IN MOTORSPORTS OR WOMEN INTERESTED IN GETTING INVOLVED IN MOTORSPORTS: The vehicle doesn’t know if you are a girl or a boy so drive it like you stole it. You are definitely out numbered male to female ratio but it doesn’t matter only on person can win at the end of the night anyway. Give it your all and show what it truly means to be a female racer win or lose because I promise you some little girl is watching you.

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