Cheryl Hryn October CarChix CarChicks Calendar
Car Chix proudly announces Cheryl Hryn as Ms. October!  Cheryl Hryn has been an official Car Chix Member since 2013.  She competed against 398 other women in the 2014 Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest and finished in the top 12, earning her spot in the 2014 Car Chix Calendar as Ms. October.
Cheryl Hryn is from Posen, Illinois and races the Street Stock Division at Grundy County Speedway!  Cheryl had an impressive race season this year placing just 14 points shy from earning the 2015 Championship!  In addition to being voted ‘Most Popular Driver’ for 2015, Cheryl had 3 feature wins, 4 heat race wins, 1 trophy dash win and 1 fastest qualifier just this year alone!  Cheryl and another female racer from Grundy County Speedway named Christy made history this year by becoming the first two females to ever finish in a one two points finish.   At Rockford Speedway, Cheryl also placed 4th in the National Short Track Championships!
Cheryl and her crew are simply amazing and are a true inspiration to racers — male and female.  One of the things that Cheryl enjoys the most about racing is the people you meet along the way and making new friends —friends & competitors!  She has always been a huge supporter of what we do here at Car Chix and encourages all women to continue to follow their dreams and to not let anyone ever say that YOU CAN’T DO IT! …because you can 🙂
We look forward to seeing Cheryl Hryn come back out next season!

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