Car Chix welcomes Christy Carberry as an official member of Car Chix.  Christy Carberry took first place in the 2014 Women of Motorsports Contest out of 398 entries!  She is also Ms. March in the 2015 Car Chix Calendar.
Christy of Chicago, Illinois has had a passion for racing since she was a little girl watching NASCAR and playing with her Hot Wheels.  Once she got older and started hitting up the drag strip, it was all over.  She was hooked.
“I kept telling myself I needed to be out there burning rubber, that on the track is where I belonged.  As an adult I was introduced to the world of two wheel therapy,” Christy explains, “After having a very close call as a passenger I made the decision that I needed to have my own bike because at least then I would be in control of what happens.”
The first bike Christy bought was a 2009 Ninja 250.  A month later she felt she was ready for something with more power and upgraded to a 2006 Yamaha R6.
“There’s nothing in the world that compares to being on two wheels. You just feel absolutely free,” Christy says.
Christy loves the rush and adrenaline on racing.  It is certainly a feeling like no other.
“As soon as the tree drops it’s like I’m in another world and the only thing that matters is how hard I can push myself and how fast I can go. And even if it only lasts a few seconds, I feel like I’m alive,” Christy says, “It’s a feeling unlike any other. You just feel free.”
Christy Carberry believes that women in comes to women interested in motorsports, they should follow their passions and never give up!  She also offers some words of advice…
“You only live once. Pursue your passion. Live your dream. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do it because you’re a girl. Laugh in their face and prove them wrong. Push yourself to accomplish your goals. Believe in yourself  and never give up.”
As of recently, Christy has traded in her 2 wheels for 4.  Rumor is, she is currently working on a car that is expected to hit the drag strip this season.   So watch out boys!  We look forward to catching up with Christy Carberry later this season.

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