Join us in welcoming Nancy Riggleman of Edge of Divorce Motorsports as an Official member of Car Chix. Nancy placed in the top 12 of the 2018 Women of Motorsports Contest (Read: Car Chix Celebrates Another Successful Women of Motorsports Contest), earning her spot as Ms. January in the Cordova International Raceway sponsored month of the 2019 Car Chix Calendar.

nancy riggleman-carchix-carchicks-racing-motorsports-automotiveNancy Riggleman is a Factory Stock racer from Manchest, NJ!  When she is not crunching numbers as a Tax Professional, she it out at Wall Stadium representing Edge of Divorce Motorsports, Riggleman Towing, Holman Frenia Allison, Stewarts Root Beer Howell, Autums Glass Howell, Nukem Pest Management and Timberland Campground in her 350 powered 1986 Chevy Monte Carlo.

Some of Nancy’s recent achievements include finishing 14th in points out of 30 drivers and 5 feature wins in the Ladies Division.   In 2013, Nancy Riggleman won the Ladies Division Championship. 

Nancy’s first exposure to racing and motorsports came from her Father. 

My father was an auto mechanic teacher and ran funny cars at Englishtown Raceway Park.  My father left racing when I was born. Him and I always watched racing. I always had a love for cars and hot rods.

In 2002, Nancy actually met Scott, her now husband, while taking a walk through the neighborhood.  What grabbed her attention, as well as, her son’s was race truck parked in the driveway.  

He had his race truck parked in front of his house. My son was in aww. Of course like any good driver he let him sit in the truck and we talked for a bit.  A few months later he left a bag of racing shirts and hero cards on my porch. I called to thank him and well the rest is history.

Soon after Scoot built a Factory Stock to race at Wall Stadium in New Jersey, the track introduced a Factory Stock Ladies Division.  

I pulled the pole for my first feature and Scott made me start last. I ended up winning. I have been hooked ever since. I ran the ladies division for 2 years until it was dissolved. I didn’t race for two seasons. Scott decided he wanted to put a new car together for himself and he gave me the opportunity to run with him.

Sixteen years later, Nancy Riggleman’s love for the racing and automotive industry continues with no end in sight.  When asked what she loves the most about motorsports she replied, “For me, I love putting the helmet on and escaping everyday life.  I also love the challenge.”

Winning my second race was my favorite moment. I got passed for the lead with 2 to go and knew my dad was in the stands with my family.  I took the lead back and got the win. Having Scott, My dad, my son and other family in victory lane was a big moment for me.

nancy riggleman-carchix-carchicks-racing-motorsports-automotiveNancy’s main goals for 2019 are to always finish on the lead lap, get faster and more consistent.  However, ultimately she says she just wants to have fun!

Currently, Nancy and Scott have a four car fleet consisting of two Factory Stocks and two Outlaw Enduros.  Over winter, the Factory Stock’s were getting prepared for new bodies and some motor tuning. 

Nancy’s advice for other women in motorsports or women that are interested in getting involved is..

Have thick skin. Some guys will help you and some guys will look at you like you don’t belong.  Just always have respect for the faster guys or girls.

Best of luck to Edge of Divorce Motorsports this season!  Be sure to like their Facebook Page to keep up to date with their racing program!



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