Car Chix is proud to announce Tiana Berkeley as a featured member of Car Chix!  Tiana Berkeley is Ms. August in the 2014 Car Chix Calendar and was one of the top 12 finalists in the 2013 Women of Motorsports Contest.
Tiana Berkeley is a Hornet Division / Dirt Modified Racer from Colville, Washington.  When Tiana is not doing graphic design, you can find her tearing it up for the Tiana Berkeley Racing Team at one of her home tracks, Eagle Track in Republic, Washington or Northport International Raceway in Northport, Washington.  You may have also seen her on Team Dirt Dog TV.
In 2011, Tiana placed 2nd in the Hornet Division at Northport and earned her spot as Rookie of the Year.  Tiana was named the Hornet Champion at Northport in 2012 and again in 2013 at Republic’s Eagle Track.  Tiana was also the first woman to win a championship at both of the tracks.
Tiana grew up around cars and racing.  She accredits both her Father and Grandfather as her main influences.  Both of them were racers.  One of the funny things is that Tiana is actually racing against some of her Father’s old competitors now in her new Modified—Get ’em Girl!  The support of her family, the adrenaline rush and the thrill of competing is what Tiana loves most about the sport. Some has some great sponsors behind her, including Colville Printing LLC.
tiana-berkeley-racing-car-chicks-carchix-chix-motorsports-women-female-racing-racer-modified-dirt3“Don’t be scared to go out there and give it your all. It doesn’t have to be a contest all the time. Do it for the fun, don’t try to prove anything to anybody,” Tiana Berkeley says, “It is possible to be successful at a male dominate sport. ”
And she is living proof.  Keep up the great work Tiana!
Be sure to follow Tiana Berkeley Racing on Facebook to keep up with her latest adventures and racing news.

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