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Taylor Hanus — Photo Credit: James Hrovat

Car Chix proudly announces Taylor Hanus as Ms. July!  Taylor Hanus is a teenager drag racer from Manhattan, Illinois.  You may recognize Taylor and her 1969 Chevy Camaro from the 2015 Car Chix Calendar!  In addition to earning a featured spot in the 2015 Car Chix Calendar, Taylor placed in the top 12 out of nearly 400 world-wide entries in the 2014 Women of Motorsports Contest!
Growing up, Taylor was never a “doll girl,” she was a toy car and dirt girl!  Coming from a family of racers, most of her childhood was spent at racetracks and automotive related events.  “Ever since I was a little girl I went to the racetrack with my grandparents –sitting in the stands next to my grandma “betting” on which car was going to get to the end first,” Taylor explained, “My grandpa drag raced for a very long time and so did other members of our family.”
Taylor began racing junior dragsters at a very young age.  Once she was 13 years old, her Grandfather began staging her in other types of vehicles to see which would suit her best.  She raced a 7.90 Junior Dragster for a couple years until she earned a spot in her Grandpa’s 1969 Chevrolet Camaro.  Talking about keeping it in the family!  How many of us can say that our Grandfather is our Crew Chief?! How cool is that?!

“After I made my first pass (in the Camaro) I knew that “this is for me”- I started out racing in the quarter mile at 10 seconds, and then we moved to the low nine seconds,” says Taylor,”And yes, I was the youngest person racing in Super Pro at Route 66 and yes I am a Girl- so that seemed to be really intriguing to people.”
Soon after Taylor Hanus got behind the Camaro and began making consecutive back to back flawless passes, people began to quickly take notice.  The internet quickly began flooding with photos and videos of the rising star.  She is clearly a natural when it comes to drag racing.
“We are so grateful for all the love and support that people from all over have shown us and we continue to look forward to a successful upcoming season running in the eight seconds,” stated Taylor.
When we asked Taylor what she loved the most about racing and motorsports, she said, “I love the adrenaline rush drag racing gives you! Nothing is really comparable to the feeling of going from 0 – 150 in just a matter of seconds,” Taylor explains, “Also, It is pretty awesome to beat the guys! There seems to be nothing worse than getting beat by a girl for guys!”  Yes, it is pretty awesome to beat the guys! 🙂
Taylor is encouraging about women in motorsports.  Especially young women looking to achieve their goals! “Do not let the excuse of being “too young” stop you from dreaming big and achieving great things! If you follow your passion with all your heart the sky is the limits,” says Taylor Hanus.
We couldn’t agree more!  We look forward to seeing everything that Taylor will accomplish in her racing career.  She is a terrific role model and an incredible driver. Best wishes Taylor, Grandpa and Crew!

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