Danica Patrick and the Future

PC: https://www.nascar.com/news-media/2017/11/10/danica-patrick-milestone-start-phoenix-250/

Danica Patrick is NASCAR’s first woman with 250 starts at the CanAm 500 Pheonix race. The Stewart-Haas driver has logged her 189th start in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. Patrick also has 61 starts in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. She finished in 28th place in the CamAm 500 Pheonix race.

In 2013 Patrick was the first female to win the NASCAR sprint cup. Patrick has also had the fastest turning lap since 1990, making her able to qualify for Daytona 500. Patrick finished 8th in the Daytona 500, which is the highest finish for a woman, in the Daytona 500. (biography)

“I was brought up to the fastest driver, not the fastest girl. That’s how I’ve always approached my racing career. I’ve been lucky enough to make history and be the first woman to do many things. We have a lot more history to make and we are excited to do it.” (biography) (Idianaplois Speedway)

Too much of our surprise Patrick held a press conference and stated she will no longer be a full-time driver in the 2018 season.

I got into racing when I first saw the first Fast and the Furious movie. I have an older brother who was into imports and loved customizing his cars.

I got into drag racing in 2006 when my friend Alan Smith brought me to Great Lakes Dragaway. From there I was hooked! I met my now husband Carlos at Great Lakes Dragaway and soon become the coordinator of the Chicago WiseGuys. The Chicago Wiseguys are the fastest pro mod circuit group in the Midwest!

My husband has an 81 Camaro which is the original Cisco kid from the old pro stock days. It was running with the Chicago Wiseguys for many years.

My father in law Hector Laracuente owns a 2006 blue twin turbo hemi GTO. The fastest ET is 6.40 at 221 in the quarter mile.