F1 Chinese Grand Prix: 2 of 11 Teams Run and Managed by Women

Claire Williams F!

Photo Credit: Euro Sport

Women from all over the country have been stepping forward and speaking out about women racers and there successes in motorsports.  This all has been fueled by the recent interview with F1 legendary racer, Sterling Moss.  Sterling implied that women just were not tough enough and/or good enough to be in the Formula One sport.

We beg to differ.  Not only are there many women already successfully competing on a professional level in all areas of motorsports, but there are hundreds, even thousands, of aspiring and rising stars in the motorsports world just waiting for that big break.  F1 will see their first women racer in the near future.

That aside, let’s not forget about the recent F1 race, the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai, where 2 of the 11 teams are run and managed by women!  This is the first time in history to ever have occurred in an F1 organized event.

Claire Williams, pictured above, is the deputy principal of the Williams Formula One Team!  She was appointed recently by her late father, Frank Williams. Williams was one of the teams competing in the Chinese Grand Prix.

“Her knowledge of the sport and passion for the team is unquestionable and I’m proud to say that during her time here she has proven herself to be one of our most valuable assets.”

“Frank is still our team principal and he founded the team. It’s really important to Williams and all our employees, and I think to the sport, that Frank is still around,” stated Claire in a recent interview.

We are very optimistic that we will only continue to hear, read and see rising women in motorsports and more specifically, F1.  The only question is, who will make it there first?

Source: Euro Sport