Female Racing Team Successfully Competes in Singapore Karting Enduro

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Photo Credit: cheryl-tay.com

Female racing team, Quintessentially Race Team (QRT), took on the Singapore Karting Enduro with no problems!  The women team members all had their own personal racing experiences under their belt   However, this competition was the first time they ever competed in a professional event together.

Quintessentially Race Team consists of women racers: Carrie Choy, Michelle Kuek, Tan Su-Anne and Cheryl Tay.  Although the ladies only had practiced the course during dry ideal conditions, the team shined during the actual Singapore Karting Enduro competition when they had less than favorable, wet conditions.

“Su-Anne and I have never driven in race karts before and it was a very steep, three-week learning curve for us. We had just four sessions to learn the way the kart handles and also get familiar with the track and our racing lines,” stated Cheryl Tay, Quintessentially Racer.

The ladies had very limited time to test and prep for the Singapore Karting Enduro Race.  However, their strong will, determination and dedication proved to be of great success for the all female Quintessentially Race Team.

“Being up against eight other teams of males, completing the four-hour race would already be an achievement for us and having a good placing would be a bonus. My constant advice to the girls is not to focus on beating their personal best times but instead, to remember that this is an endurance race. Hence, being consistent, finishing the race without incidents and penalties is the main objective,” stated Carrie Choy.

Congratulations ladies!  We look forward to hearing more about your great strides and successes in motorsports out in Singapore!

Source: Yahoo! Sports