3/20/2018 – Dominic Iocco, President of Jet Hot, Burlington, NC today announced an agreement for an Associate Sponsorship between Jet Hot, Inc., and Hanna Motorsports Jets, Enfield, CT.

Jet Hot, Inc., is a renowned company specializing in protective coatings for multiple applications from trick specialty headers to jet car tailpipes, along with a multitude of other applications for surface protection, heat retention, corrosion, friction, etc.   “Our customers span a wide range of interests – American muscle, Harleys, classic cars, hot-rods, street bikes, off-road, firearms, boating, tractors, atvs, utvs and more.”, stated Dominic Iocco.  “But they all have a common interest – getting the most out of every part.  Over the course of these 35 years, Jet-Hot has earned a reputation as the go-to company for exhaust coatings. It’s no coincidence that it’s common to hear our name used as a verb: “You need to get those headers Jet-Hotted.”

“We’re the technological leader in the jet car category”, Al Hanna stated.  “Putting a program together with Jet Hot has us excited.  Many years ago we attempted coatings to improve performance of our jet cars but we didn’t have the data to analyze changes.  Today, we have on board computers that allow us to understand every update and change we make”.  We are racers in the jet car category, and running faster and quicker is always our goal.  Jet Hot is an ace in the hole we expect will help us achieve higher goals both on and off the track.”

Hanna Motorsports Jets fields three teams, the Queen of Diamonds II, driven by Sarah Edwards, the First Strike Firebird, driven by Rich Hanna, and the Top Secret Firebird, driven by Ken Hall.  They run between 60-70 events each season.  Their first event is at the Memphis ‘Super Chevy Show’ April 6-8, 2018.  We invite our fans and friends to drop by and say hello.  We also want fans to know there’s a major jet dragster event at Summit Motorsports Park, August 11, The North American Jet Car Nationals, featuring Sarah Edwards and the ‘Queen of Diamonds II’, along with 9 other 300 MPH jet dragsters.  Be there.

Jet Hot is based in Burlington, NC.  Think of Jet Hot for all your coatings needs.