Meet Jacklyn Ellis – Ms. June 2017


Car Chix is proud to announce, UK native, Jacklyn Ellis of Jacklyn Ellis Racing as an official member of Car Chix.  Jacklyn Ellis competed in one of the most fierce and historic Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contests (Read: 2016 Women of Motorsports Contest Review), placing 2nd and earning her spot in the 2017 Car Chix Calendar as Ms. June, the sponsored month of Crank It Media.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain. If you aren’t smiling when you get out of the car, you shouldn’t get in.” – Jacklyn Ellis

jacklyn-ellis-carchix-carchicks-women-of-motorsportsJacklyn Ellis is a BriSCA F1 Stockcar racer from Bransley, England.  She competes in Formula 1, most often at Skegness Stadium.   Tearing up the track, Jacklyn Ellis is supported by 3J Driveline, Shocktec, Racequip, Royal Purple Oil, Advanced Lubricant Solutions, Class 1 Refinishing, Chris Signs, Elise Motorsport, Extreme Karting UK, AC Engineering, Fairhurst Race Car Fabrication, Accounting Student Network, Jonny Goss Designs, ITSTHEPITS.CO.UK, Dave Leonard, Fusion Accountancy LTD and RS Motorsports.

At the young age of 6, she was already getting involved with the mechanics and engineering of racing.  By the age of 14, Jacklyn Ellis hit the track and made it known that racing was in her blood!  Some of Jacklyn’s achievements include: 1st woman in history to be voted Driver of the Day, 1st woman to win Driver of the Day, Winning Driver of the Day twice in 1st 2 meetings in F1, Voted and Won Drive of the Month, Whites and Yellows Champion at the age of 14, named Yorkshire Champion and Sheffield Track Champion at the age of 15, Millers Oils Rising star 2012, 2013, 2014 – and of course, placing 2nd in Women of Motorsports for Car Chix!

“I’m 3rd generation racing driver in my family. My Grandad, Dad, Mum and younger sister have all raced. People say it’s in my blood,” Jacklyn Ellis says,”I started mechanics and engineering when I was 6 with my dad and started racing when I was 14 in a car me and my dad built from scratch.”

If you ask Jacklyn Ellis what she loves most about motorsports and racing, she will tell you everything! .. We have to agree with her too!

“Everything… the smell of grinding, the smell of fuel and burning rubber, the adrenaline rush, the family orientation – how complete strangers are like family at the track. The unbelievable support,” Jacklyn explains,”I even love the manic rush to get everything ready for each race, the stress and pressure of racing makes me feel more alive than with anything else I have done.”

We can’t explain the connection we feel based on this answer from Jacklyn…  You ask any racer and they will talk about the bond and friendships that are formed at race tracks are like no other.  The racing family.  Jacklyn is proof that this is a globe feeling. And it just makes it even more amazing…

Over the off season, Jacklyn Ellis and her crew rebuilt her race car.  Some of her goals for this season where to hit the Blue/Red grade and proving that she is a good driver — not just a good girl driver.

“If you want to do it and can feel the passion deep inside your heart – DO NOT LET ANYONE OR ANYTHING TELL YOU ANY DIFFERENT – you CAN do it. Everything on the outside is just cosmetic, its whats on the inside that makes you a racing driver,” Jacklyn Ellis says.

Jacklyn encourages people to reach out to her on the Jacklyn Ellis Racing Facebook Page if you ever have any questions about getting into racing or motorsports.  She is happy to talk to you if you reach out. 🙂

“Just a special mention to my Family for their amazing support over the years. My Dad in particular – Chris Ellis – who has always stood by my decisions and taught me everything I know. Big thanks to my Mum as well for putting up with us constantly in the garage demanding cups of tea and for being my number one supporter. ( Sorry to my mum as well for putting carburetors in the dishwasher and using her cooker to replace the ring gear on my flywheel!),” Jacklyn Ellis stated.

Jacklyn — we hope your Mum has forgiven you for the carburetors in the dishwasher by now — hahaha!  Welcome to Car Chix and we look forward to what this season brings you!