Teresa’s Garage Radio Show Expands to Daily Network

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Teresa’s Garage Radio show is expanding!  For over the past year, Car Chix has been partnered with Teresa’s Garage Radio Show to bring you the latest in women in motorsports.  We are excited to announce that Teresa’s Garage Radio Show has expanded to a network that will air the show M-F!

In 2016, Car Chix Founder & President, Jeanette DesJardins joined radio show host, Teresa Aquila of Teresa’s Garage Radio Show as co-host on the weekly car & motorsports radio show that was delivered world-wide through America Matters Media.  Over the last year, the two women shared many laughs, inspirational stories and featured many great guests, including the Women of Motorsports that had been featured in the Car Chix Calendars.

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Breaking in the new year, Car Chix President, Jeanette DesJardins, stepped back to work on other women in motorsports related projects as Car Chix Members, Staci Segura (Ms. August in the 2016 Car Chix Calendar) and Nikkita Martino (Ms. November in the 2016 Car Chix Calendar) came on to take over as co-hosts on the international female automotive radio show.  In addition to the celebration of the new co-hosts on Teresa’s Garage Radio Show, the Teresa’s Garage Radio Show announced a new promising partnership with Pulling Radio Network.

Now, not only can you catch Teresa’s Garage Radio Show LIVE ON AIR every Tuesday at 4PM CST (2PM Pacific), you can now hear the encore on Pulling Radio Network, Monday – Friday at 5PM CST (3 PM Pacific time)!

Now that is something to celebrate!  Be sure to listen in!